Shared Space – Are there Additional Benefits?

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Easy Offices blogged last week on an announcement by the Yahoo Chief curtailing home working which has caused huge interest throughout the web with many bloggers, Company Executives and bosses all adding their thoughts on what is a keenly contested topic.


The statement came as quite a surprise, especially when it came from one of the leading Internet based companies who it would be fair to assume would be fully behind home working and creative solutions. To simply say it’s impossible to get 100% productivity from Staff only if they are office based is obviously incorrect, as it is to suggest that the office is the most productive medium for different responsibilities and roles.

Narrowly defining the criteria for the best working environment increase the risk of companies either alienating staff or appearing to manage them in a Draconian way more reminiscent of the 1900’s that will be equally counterproductive. But are these really the only 2 options, is there no middle ground or other solutions that have benefits and advantages for both companies and staff?

It may come as no surprise to readers but in the US there are more and more companies utilising what we in the UK would call ‘Shared Space’ or ‘Hotdesks’ for not only their staff but also their partners or other companies that they work with or alongside. The article below is a fascinating, thought provoking read that looks at 3 different approaches to sharing your workspace with others, the reasons behind it and the benefits that companies and staff have found through use.

Click the link to find out more about this innovative approach to Shared Working Space.

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  1. Great piece, fascinating how so many different companies view offices & staff in such different ways. To only consider one option or another doesn’t seem the most flexible or correct in my opinion but I’m also not the head of Yahoo!

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