Sick of a 9-5? Here Are The World’s Most Dangerous Jobs

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You may think that dealing with your colleagues on a Monday morning or tackling a difficult conversation with a client can be dangerous at times, but in comparison to some jobs which take a more hands on approach you really shouldn’t take your day job for granted.

Where you may feel comfortable tucked up behind your office desk, there are some people who risk their lives for their pay cheque on a daily basis. Whether they’ve chosen their career path for a more thrilling way of making a living or somewhere along the line have fallen into their treacherous occupations by accident, you can be certain that they are putting themselves in much more danger than spilling a cup of coffee.

Here’s five which would undoubtedly be thrilling, but evidently should be approached with caution.

1.       Astronaut

Extremely well paid and the ability to see the wonders of space is an experience which most of us couldn’t even dream about doing in our lifetime, but for some it is a way of life. With the beauty and wonder of space comes unmeasurable danger however; after all blasting yourself out of a rocket into an atmosphere not suitable for human beings isn’t for the faint hearted. With a death rate of 5% and associated health problems like osteoporosis, radiation and solar storms it’s risky business.

2.       President of the US

Being in charge of the world’s largest economy and most powerful military is not only stressful but dangerous. With important political decisions and extreme influence as one of the most recognised figures worldwide comes plenty of enemies. It’s not only the opposition to watch out for, with access to all of the Government’s and allies’ secrets of past and present, a simple slip of the tongue could land you in some hot water. There is a reason why this job comes with such high security.

3.       Police Dog Trainer

Police dogs are chosen for their intelligence and ferociousness, and their trainers are responsible for super charging these characteristics. Not known for their endearing qualities, to handle these dogs every day you must be the world’s biggest animal lover as you teach them to attack and defend. Worst part? As the handler there may even be the requirement to be attacked yourself.

4.       Experimental Jet Test Pilot

If you are scared of flying then this job is certainly not for you. These test pilots fly airplanes in development or refurbishment to ensure they meet the safety and design requirements of the airline or military by pushing them to the limits. The ability to work well under pressure and to make the right decision quickly are vital characteristics for the role along with the ability to work long hours away from home. Occupational hazards of death and injury are high risk.

5.       Crocodile Farmer

The recent popularity in farming crocodiles for its meat and leather used to make expensive leather handbags has made this profession more commonplace. In general farming holds a high risk to those in the field operating machinery and dealing with unpredictable animals, but tackling enormous reptiles weighing nearly a ton takes things to the next level. Many farmers have been literally snapped up in the process.

Your office may have some interesting characters but encountering an angry dog or crocodile is a true occupational hazard- these are no everyday jobs!

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