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Technology has changed the way we work forever, just think smartphones, laptops and tablets. In this fast paced market it is hard to keep up with the latest innovations and often great new tools can pass us by.

Interactivity is key to improving teamwork, here we have rounded up top technological break throughs that harness interactivity, although they often don’t come with a small price tag.

smart tableSmart tables

Turn your boardroom table into an interactive screen. Smart tables allow documents to be pulled up and worked on by all seated around the table simply by using their hands. Its a  great way to get people involved and creating a talking point with clients.



interactive-whiteboards-essexInteractive whiteboards (IWB)

Interactive whiteboards or IWBs are great tools for engaging an audience. They are touch screen and allow groups to contribute on digital content including web pages and pdfs.
Teams can write directly on to the display to mark up documents and the smart whiteboards can capture the changes. A great tool for discussing creative or a strategic messaging.


samsung_smart_windowLarge format touchscreens

With the explosion in use of interactive tablets, people are used to being much more tactile. Large format touchscreens are great for working in small groups especially on creative projects. The ease of use and speed of translating a teams ideas makes teamwork much tighter.



interactive env The interactive environment

Lastly but not least it is vital that in todays modern boardroom environment where most people have a mobile, tablet or laptop an interactive environment is created.

We’ve all experienced the moment when you are trying to engage a group and they are absorbed in their individual screens rather than the speaker or group around them.

Screen sharing technology is great to help combat this issue, using a large display that everyone can see  clearly and can be easily connected to a variety of devices.

Make your environment as interactive as possible to keep team members engaged.


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