The Job Perks You Wish You Had

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To most of us a free cup of coffee here and there and the occasional “away day” are the extent of the perks of the job, and in today’s challenging economic environment they are added extras which we are very grateful for indeed.

For some lunch on the company account is just the tip of the ice berg. Whether they work a crazy amount of hours to justify it, have an unusual profession or have simply landed on their feet you wouldn’t believe what added bonuses some employees receive on a daily basis.

Here are a few of our favourites.



Love Sonic the Hedgehog? Love computer games? You might have thought that developing computer games all day long already was a dream come true, but believe it or not, it gets even better. Wanting their employees to be relaxed at all times, staff can leave their computers to indulge in some on site massages and reflexology. Peckish? They also want to make sure that employees are getting their five a day with free fresh fruit widely available to them.






38-google-gtv1Thought that free fruit was good? How about free food all the time? No more worrying about getting up early to make your sandwich on a morning or rushing around at lunch, if you work for Google you can enjoy a freshly cooked meal at lunch or dinner time, all on the house of everyone’s favourite search engine. Not only that, you can rest easy knowing that your car is being looked after with free car washes and oil changes while you work. Why would you ever want to leave?






About Timberland   Working Here   Benefits

Working for an international brand such as Timberland would be a fantastic opportunity (just think of the discount!) but they value the time their employees spend away from work as much as the time they are in the office. Staff at Timberland are entitled to take service sabbaticals which equals 40 hours of paid volunteer work each year. Just think of all the amazing opportunities you could have, and be paid for it too!





Spencer Ogden

1234470_645128635512072_2124036456_nWho hasn’t wanted to work on the beach, especially when you normally have the unpredictable British weather to contend with on a normal day? Energy recruiters, Spencer Ogden understands the power of the sun in creating a motivating environment, and gives their staff the opportunity to take work to the beach in Ibiza. Meet your targets three months in a row with this company and you will be coming home with a tan as well as a well-deserved pat on the back.





John Lewis

John Lewis Partnership   Pay and benefitsShopping at John Lewis is always an enjoyable experience, but working there is even better. Annual bonuses, discount, access to their residential clubs in some of the most beautiful locations in the country, part finance for a one in a lifetime trip, use of sailing and golf clubs, subsidies for the theatre, volunteering secondments, education subsidies… need we go on? A company that well and truly looks after its staff.




Have these job perks made you think about applying straight away? You aren’t the only one- now get to the back of the queue!

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