The office Christmas party’s most dangerous moments

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You’ve worked hard all year round and finally it is time to let your hair down- the office Christmas party has arrived. The fun can quickly get out of hand however; a few trips to the bar too many and you may end up leaving more than a sizable bar tab behind.

Every year Christmas party season sees an over consumption of mulled wine, more mince pies consumed than you could quite possibly imagine and inappropriate actions which can land both you and the photocopier in hot water.

In order to make sure you wake up the next morning with little more than a slight headache and a belly full of turkey, here are some dangerous office party related situations and how to come out of them with your head held high.

1.       The Free Bar

Forget trying to resist the urge not to unwrap your presents from under the tree, the free bar for many is the temptation to resist. When you aren’t paying for your drinks it is hard to keep track of how many rounds you’ve had and it can quickly creep up on you. In order not to be the one everyone is talking about the next morning, alternate between a soft and alcoholic drink.

2.       The Dress Code

The Christmas party isn’t a fashion show, nor is it the opportunity to showcase your latest novelty gear. Chances are you will be going somewhere smart so match your dress to the occasion. If you normally have a casual, relaxed dress code this is a great chance to dress up or similarly dress down, to a certain extent if you are suited and booted every day.

3.       Word Vomit

A few mulled wines for bravery and suddenly you feel like sharing every single thought running through your mind- the good and the bad. It has never felt more appropriate to tell the boss how much you feel irritated by them or to make a joke about your colleague’s sense of style! Do yourself some favours and avoid sensitive subjects of conversation or people you would be likely to offend

4.       Co-worker Relations

Once everyone is a little merry, people can end up making decisions which they would never make sober. You may have a long term office crush who you’d love to take things further with, but feelings may not be reciprocated. Making a move can lead to many an awkward moment, so don’t be the office gossip the next morning. And if you must, go somewhere quiet.

5.       Everlasting Social Moments

With the prevalence of social media and the need to share and record our lives virtually, an embarrassing moment at the Christmas party can hang around longer than you’d like. After a few Christmas themed cocktails, smeared make up and squinting is a common occurrence, so take photographs early in the night to capture everyone looking their best. Try not to be caught on camera doing your infamous party trick, you won’t need a social media hangover to make things worse.

6.       Partying Hard, Too Hard

If your party falls on a weekday, you will still be expected to turn up to work the next day. The party is all about enjoying yourself, but don’t take it too far as business will resume as normal once the party is over. A hangover never has, and never will be a valid excuse for pulling a sickie.

7.       SOS

If you’ve committed nearly every crime mentioned above and offended nearly every member of staff you have ever laid eyes on then try to win them back with some morning coffees and snacks. It is amazing how quickly they’ll forget your offensive comment once you’ve waved a bacon sandwich and a strong coffee under their nose…

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