What Your Office Wear Says About You

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When you meet people, it’s nice to think they will get to know you before judging you, but

sadly, that just isn’t true. When you meet people they take less than 30 seconds to weigh

you up, in fact some studies say it takes just 10 seconds for them to decide what they think

of you.


So when you meet a new client, go for an interview or simply meet new colleagues for the

first time, what you look like actually counts for a lot.

Gone are the days when strict formal office wear was mandatory, in fact many of us now

embrace smart casual work fashion and take pride in looking on trend in the workplace.

However, it is important that we all still do have a level of self-awareness and remember that

our appearance matters. Every day you should be dressing as though you already have the

job you dream of, not just for others, but for yourself. Your clothes not only make an impact

on people you meet, but on your mood and your confidence. So if you’re not dressing like

you already have that promotion, it’s time to make a change and give your wardrobe a



Here’s what your office wear really says about you:



It's 80's Friday!

If you’re stuck in another decade with your work wear, you’re going to come across as

though you are out of touch with the era you are in. You may also come across like you’re

not open to change, and your ideas are outdated. In a fast-paced era of technology, it is

important you look in tune with the era you are in. So drop the ancient threads and get some

modern clothes. You don’t have to look like something straight off the catwalk, simply

embrace what’s right for your age group, your workplace – right now.


Badly Fitted

Are you guilty of sitting down and getting the dreaded button stretch? Do you still wear the

same trousers that fitted you perfectly last year when you were a stone or two lighter? Badly

fitted clothes suggest you are either out of touch with reality if your clothes are too tight, or

suffer from low self-esteem if your clothes drown you. Wearing clothes that fit you well will

not only make you look more confident, flexible and self-aware, but they will also make you

feel good about yourself.

Start with some well fitted underwear and build on top of that. Don’t hide your shape, flatter it

and embrace it and you’ll find others see you looking amazing, but you’ll start to feel

amazing in yourself.


Too Out There

There’s nothing wrong with wearing your sexiest underwear under your trouser suit, in fact,

that’s a great thing to do because it gives you a secret confidence boost. And that’s the key –

it’s secret. When we put our workplace clothes on, or any outfit for that matter, we tell people

who we are with our clothes. Which means the clothes we wear indicate whether or not we

‘fit’ in with the environment we’re in. So whilst it is fantastic to be individual and push the

boundaries in the place we work, if you push those boundaries too far, it can send a

message that we’re not sticking around and would rather be working somewhere else. So if

you dress conservatively in a creative workplace, or vice versa and wear truly out there

clothes in a pretty staid office environment, you’ll be standing out that bit too much, so it

might be time to either change career or look to fit in with those around you a bit more.


Overly Casual

Casual Friday

Do you work somewhere that super trendy, out there casual clothes are embraced and there are no restraints

when it comes to your work clothes? If you do then that’s fantastic, embrace the lack of formality and enjoy yourself. If you don’t, but you still opt for the most casual clothes you can get away with, then you’re going to want to reconsider your work wear. Why? Because you are coming across as though your main priority is comfort – not your job. Your seniors will see your casual clothing as a sign you’re not looking to progress in the company, and simply see this job as a stopgap. In the world of work, a person who dresses casually in a conservative environment does not look like the most ambitious person, the person looking to succeed. Casual work wear works when everyone dresses that way, otherwise it just looks slack.


Dirty, Wrinkled or Scuffed

There aren’t any workplaces where looking unkempt is cool. Stained shirts, wrinkled trousers

and scuffed shoes tell other people that you simply don’t give two hoots about your job. And

as unfair as it is that people may judge you on this, it’s just the way the world works. No

matter how amazing your work is, if you’re a dirty Doris, your boss will see you as a poor

representation of their business.



Do you continually wear the same types of clothes over and over again? Is Monday your

white shirt and black skirt day? Tuesday your blue trouser suit day? Can you remember the

last time you mixed it up a bit? Wearing the same clothes over and over again can suggest

to our employers that the way we approach work is the same as we approach our wardrobe.

It may look as though you’re stuck in a rut and don’t have any desire to think outside the box,

or look for fresh ideas. If this is you, opt for a jazzy accessory or indulge in a floral shirt – be

the change you want to see.


So remember, if you want your work to be valued, or you want your ideas and input to be

given a chance, you first need to make the best possible impression and dress like you

mean business. In the same way branding works, the product inside the packaging needs to

be great, but people won’t give it a chance unless it appeals to them. So get your packaging

right, and give yourself the best chance of success.

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