Where to locate your business: all you need to know

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wheretoclocateyourbusinessWhen moving a business, in much the same way as moving house, the old adage is just as relevant as ever.

It’s all about location,location,location.

There are so many things to consider that it seems as though the perfect solution you’re looking for might not be out there and in those circumstances it’s easy to settle for the nearest compromise.

But the advice from the experts is simple: keep looking, your ideal office space IS within reach.

For some it’s about locating to the area that best suits the type of business they are involved with, becoming part of a cluster of creative companies or firms that specialise in technology can create support and inspiration for your business.

What the professionals had to say…

Graphic artist Mark Walker set up his one man company in Stockton-on-Tees and was working initially from home where he was struggling to realise his ambitions.

He said:

“My break came when I moved into serviced office space. I couldn’t believe how cheap it was and there was very little initial outlay, it was affordable and what really sold it for me was the other businesses in my building.

“They were almost exclusively involved in design and website building and I found that by walking around the building, meeting people and talking to them about their own challenges and ambitions that I found the focus I’d been looking for.

“It was all so much easier than I had anticipated. I felt as though I had a support network of like-minded friends and within six months I’d taken on the first of my six staff. I’ve never looked back.”

Sometimes it’s a good idea to think outside the box and look at an up-and-coming area instead of the tried and tested business locations in your town.

When faced with taking her feature writing business to new premises, Sally Adams relocated to Bow. She said:

“I looked at the more established locations and then followed a friend’s advice and looked at East London.

“I couldn’t believe the amount of variety on offer in places like Bow and Stratford. There was more choice than I’d had anywhere else and we found a beautiful space in a converted factory at a really reasonable rate.

“There’s so much happening here as well, everywhere you look new businesses are springing up and feels as though we’ve become a small part of the area’s success story.”

What to consider when relocating

Parking: Staff won’t want to pay for their own car parking every day but can your business afford to shoulder the burden? Many won’t. Look at business parks outside the city centre, perhaps they’re a better option?

Entertainment: It’s not always about the working environment. Staff will want to shop and meet up after work, which is fine in the city centre but if you move to a business park does it have the right amenities to keep your workers happy?

Client access: Do your clients need to be impressed by your surroundings? Serviced offices are often the best answer for small companies that need to impress. Look for offices with a welcoming reception area and good quality meeting rooms.

Lease flexibility: Don’t get tied into a deal that keeps you in an iron grip for longer than you’re comfortable with. There are so many hassle-free options out that allow you to move in and out without the headaches.

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