Coworking Space: New York Day Pass and Guide to Renting Shared Office Space

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Whether you’re on a working holiday to New York, or live in the city and don’t want to commit to a long-term office rental, heading to a co-working space is a great option. Ideal for freelancers, startups and small businesses; with a coworking day pass in NYC, you can get no-commitment access to a fantastic office space. We’ve picked out some of our favourites in the city for you.

What is a coworking space?

Coworking is when a group of different people work together in a shared space. These people don’t necessarily collaborate, rather they’re usually freelancers or small business owners who don’t have an office space of their own. Taking on a hot desk in a shared office space with others offers a great, low-cost option for many growing businesses.

How long have people been using coworking spaces?

The first coworking space was opened in 2005 by programmer Brad Neuberg. Based in San Francisco, he designed the space to be more sociable than traditional business centres – but more productive than working from home. The number of people working from home has, of course, risen dramatically since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the proportion of working adults who did any work from home rising from 27% in 2019 to 47% in 2020. However, with many people reaching burn out working from home, we could soon start to see a shift in those statistics.

Benefits of NYC coworking spaces

If you’re one of those people who are ready for a change of scenery every so often, you’ll find there are a number of benefits to working from a coworking space.

Save money on office space

If you’re a solo worker, you don’t necessarily need a full office space just for you – but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to work alongside others. Getting a day pass for a coworking space means you can keep a tighter control on your budget, instead investing money in other areas of your business.

Networking opportunities

Working alongside a range of different people from other companies gives you a great opportunity to network and meet like-minded people, something that’s hugely important for freelancers. When you choose to hot desk, you could be working beside a new client, your next business partner, or even a new best friend.


Maybe you need to work in Brooklyn one day and Manhattan the next. Or maybe you travel from state to state, or between countries. Perhaps you do a lot of project-based work and only need desk space every so often. Whatever your reason for requiring flexibility towards your working arrangements, a coworking space ensures you have a workspace that works for you.

The best coworking spaces in NYC where you can get a day pass

Ready to explore what a coworking space in New York can offer you? Here are some of the best across the city to choose from.

1216 Broadway

Right in the heart of the Flatiron district, this coworking space offers a bright and light space in which you can hot desk for a couple of hours a day, or a week at a time. Join a thriving community of other coworkers from across a range of different industries, with plenty of social events to help you network and meet like-minded entrepreneurs.

469 7th Avenue

This modern coworking space is centrally located with a prestigious Midtown address – ideal if you need to impress clients, with bookable meetings at an additional cost. This incredible building was built in 1921, and retains some of the original features, balanced with a bright and modern workspace.

1412 Broadway

One of NYC’s best boutique coworking spaces, this stylish office space plays host to freelancers and businesses from a wide range of different industries, so you’re sure to meet new people to collaborate with on your projects – all in a sunny and contemporary workspace.

25 W. 39th Street

Close to Bryant Park, this thoughtfully designed coworking space is located in a historic building that dates back to 1907. Originally gifted from Andrew Carnegie to The Engineers Society, today the building is the perfect blend of the traditional and modern.

215 Park Avenue South

Located on iconic Park Avenue, this stylish coworking space offers the ultimate flexibility if you’re looking for a creative, communal space in which to hot desk. This office has everything you need for a productive day of work, including super-fast WiFi, a fully stocked cafe, and like-minded professionals to share the space with.

75 Rockefeller Plaza

Take a hot desk at one of the most iconic locations in New York: the Rockefeller Plaza. Inspired by the original Art Deco style of the building, this coworking space oozes style and creativity with thoughtful design touches in every corner of the space. 

363 Lafayette Street

Located in the heart of one of NYC’s coolest neighbourhoods, our NoHo coworking space is surrounded by some of the city’s best restaurants, shops and fitness studios, putting you in the perfect location for enjoying a lunchtime workout before catching up with friends after work.
Tempted to discover some of the best coworking spaces NYC has to offer? With a day pass, you can visit a few to discover ones that best suit your needs. Take a look at all of our coworking spaces in New York City and discover the one you’ll visit first.

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