What is Included in a Managed Office?

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With over 3,900 managed offices available in the UK, in an industry that is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, it’s clear that managed and serviced offices have become a prominent feature in the business world today. 

That being said, it’s not always clear what is included in a managed office if you’re undertaking research into the most financially viable and convenient office spaces for your business.

In this blog, we’ll uncover exactly what’s included in a managed office, as well as some of the extras you can usually take advantage of for an additional cost. 

What is a managed office?

Before we delve into the managed office inclusions, it’s important to clearly define a managed office. 

Sometimes also referred to as a serviced office, a managed office is an office space that can be rented out to a business and often customised to their requirements. A third party will manage the office for the client, with the client paying a rental fee for everything included in the space. 

managed office is usually rented as a ‘whole office’ as opposed to coworking, virtual offices or shared office spaces where businesses can rent single desks, floors, an address or specific parts of a building. 

However you don’t always have to rent a full building to benefit from a managed office space, there are several locations that cater for small businesses, freelancers and startups.

What is included in a managed office?

Managed offices were designed to allow organisations to get to work from the day they get the keys. Therefore, there are lots of things included in a managed office that enable businesses to hit the ground running. 

This is one of the many reasons why they have become such a popular choice for all different types of business. 

Here’s our list of the main items and amenities typically included in a managed office. 

Essential furniture

While you might think furniture would be included in every type of rented office, you’d be mistaken. However, the majority of managed offices come complete with all the desks and chairs you might need. 

Some managed offices will even work with you to create a custom office space, allowing you to choose furniture that best suits your organisation, especially if you are looking to rent the office on a long-term basis. 

Utility bills & WiFi

One of the biggest benefits to a managed office is the inclusion of utility bills and WiFi in your rental fee. 

Utility bills are often one of the biggest outlays for businesses, so if you can have it included in your office space package, then you could potentially save a lot of money when compared to renting a private office and paying for utilities on top. 

Waste removal

If you’ve never needed to arrange waste disposal from your office premises before, you’d be surprised at how pricey it can be! Luckily, most managed offices come with waste removal included as standard since many will get a discount if they provide several office spaces and use the same company for each of them. 

On-site security

Most offices are equipped with expensive kit, whether it be laptops and computers or other techy bits that you need in the office to help you get your job done. 

This means they can also be targets for criminals looking to make a quick bit of cash by selling your stuff. However, to alleviate any concerns, many managed offices include CCTV or on-site security personnel who can keep an eye on your equipment when you’re not there. 

It’s important to point out that on-site security personnel aren’t always included and you’d have to check with your provider, but CCTV is usually included as standard. Our favourite office space in Soho for the best level of security is Warwick Street.

Communal kitchen area

While It’s not a legal requirement to provide a complete kitchen in the workplace, it’s a bit of an expected commodity in the modern workplace of today. 

As such, managed office providers have adapted to ensure their clients can provide this for their workers. It might seem like a no-brainer that an office should include a kitchen, but sadly, some offices still don’t offer this ‘basic’ amenity as part of a standard rental package. 

What can be added to a serviced office package?

In addition to the more common items and amenities you’re likely to find in a managed office, there are several others that can be added to a package, or maybe even included if you find a managed office that offers a little more for your money. 

Here are a few add-ons that can be beneficial for businesses trying out a managed office. 

Meeting rooms

Several managed offices also have a selection of meeting rooms which can be booked with the space provider. 

This is particularly beneficial if you are likely to need a private space where you can meet clients or business partners, or even interview potential new recruits. If you are looking for a space with several meeting rooms and breakout areas this Regent Street office space in Soho is ideal.


For startups and small businesses with limited resources, opting for a managed office with access to a receptionist can be a great idea. 

Several spaces enable you to have a receptionist on hand 24 hours a day, if need be, where they can answer calls using your business name, manage your post and look after any guests who arrive. 

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Customer lounge

While having a staffed reception is hugely beneficial when it comes to greeting guests at your office, it’s also a good idea to have a dedicated customer lounge where guests can wait for you comfortably when you’re running a little behind. 

This Farm Street office in Mayfair has a specific customer lounge equipped with a television and complimentary magazines. 

Business support services

Business support services are also a great add-on to look out for when choosing a managed office, especially if you’re a startup or small business where you are the main resource for everything. Some managed offices provide concierge services for business functions like IT, finance, admin or HR. Even if you don’t need it right now, it’s definitely a feature to consider when searching for a managed office.

Finding a managed office

If a managed office sounds like it could be the right move for your business, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the best location. 

Be sure to consider the features that are important for inclusion when starting your search, as well as the location and any other benefits of the space.
If you’re still not sure whether you need a managed office, or any office space at all, ourguide to the future of office space is a great resource for helping you make a decision.

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