UK’s Best Enterprise Incubators

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A new life born into the world is often shown sanctuary and encouraged to develop in the safe enclosure of an incubator.

Small start-up businesses are no different to this. They need to be cared for and nurtured in a delicate environment.

When developing an enterprise, doubtlessly, there are areas in business plans which are not totally understood, or may need an entrepreneurial guiding hand to maximise the profitability and overall success of the business. Sometimes, a business just needs a base, a stable environment, to help stimulate creative flow.

Below are listed the UK’s best enterprise incubators.


Innovation Centres Scotland Ltd (ICS) is one of Scotland’s leading providers of incubation services for growing businesses.

As a result of their success in incubation services, ICS has opened two of Scotland’s leading facilities – Hillington Park Innovation Centre near Glasgow, and Alba Innovation Centre near Edinburgh.

The range of services provided by ICS include developing and facilitating the business plan and strategy, investigating the market and picking up on any opportunities for the business, developing the people in the business and designing and implementing sales plans.


Innospace is Manchester Metropolitan University’s business incubator specifically targeted at their graduates, students and staff.

Helping early stage businesses who have been trading for less than 36 months, this university based enterprise incubator (other UK universities also provide similar business incubators) provides that invaluable lever of support.

Innospace takes pride in Manchester Met maximizing its contribution to the North West’s economy, as such, the region thrives on the benefits.


Based in one of the UK’s strongest technological cities outside of the capital, Newcastle’s Ignite100 is dedicated to early stage technology start-up businesses.

Originally intended to be a one-off three month programme, the thirst for technology in Newcastle saw this organisation grow into an independent co-working space and venue. It also offers an 18 week accelerated programme to develop businesses.


As you’d expect from anything with the Google stamp emblazoned upon it, the Google Campus – in painfully-hip East London – provides a vibrant start-up community for new businesses.

Eze Vidra, the head of campus at Google, states that his focus is on helping start-ups grow by providing them with the best environment, education and mentorship support.

The recent launch of CampusEDU, an educational programme helping new businesses access the skills they need, when they need them, provides mentoring events, inspirational speakers and classes to really give a boost to start-ups.


Based in Westminster, this business incubator believes that start-up businesses struggle to survive in isolation.

With their primary aim being to support businesses with positive impacts on society and the environment, Hub Impact has rapidly expanded to create a global network across 60+ locations.

The work environment at Impact Hub reflects its green ethos. It’s an open and refreshing space, ideal for creativity.

There is an enterprise incubator to nurture all start-up businesses. With such a variety on offer, each with their focus and expertise in different areas, start-up businesses are encouraged to join the growing trend to give themselves the best chance.

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