Five Famous Office Environments We Wish We Were Part Of

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It is the people and atmosphere which really makes a workplace what it is. Where most offices conform to an appropriate setting suitable for its sector and specialism, there have been some famous examples of the workplace televised and on the big screen which take on a completely unique working environment of their own.

Here are Easy Office’s undeniably exciting workplaces as seen on screen which we would either love or hate to be a part of. Characters here definitely live to work and not work to live.


6855052649_1274060a85_oPortraying the advertising world of the 1950s and 1960s, Mad Men has won countless awards and legions of fans worldwide. The highly glamorous but largely male dominated environment, reveals a highly hedonistic world filled with smoking, drinking and adultery. Fun to be a fly on the wall of, but maybe a bit too indulgent for everyday life!

The stylish wardrobes are the envy of many and adds a touch of sophistication which many offices lack in modern day. A reflection of the time, we much prefer the equality found in offices today, but who wouldn’t want to be able to orchestrate pranks during working hours without the threat of a law suit, eat steaks for most meals and enjoy a much more private workplace, free of the prying eyes of social networks?



The_devil_wears_prada_logotipoLife working at a fashion magazine is constantly stylish and oozing with glamour, right? The working life shown in the movie adaption of a real life story, The Devil Wears Prada proves us wrong. Think you’ve got the boss from hell? Well you haven’t come face to face with a tyrannical fashion editor with a frosty leadership style. Working in a fast paced environment such as this does come with its life lessons however; always know what your boss wants before they ask for it, and be able to draw the line between your life and your work.

It’s not all bad though. Rubbing shoulders with the world’s most renowned designers, powerful people and beautiful models obviously have their benefits.



1226616663_a53354c123_oFollowing the exploits of the IT department of a London based office, we came to grow fond of the loveable characters who really brought “geek chic” to everyone’s attention. The show was a true reflection of what it meant to be a computer nerd at the time and despite some rather awkward situations, looks like an incredible amount of fun.

Why not try out some IT crowd behaviour yourself and discover if a dance break really can do wonders for morale!




Working as a live news anchor is always going to be a quick thinking, fast moving job, combine this with Will Ferrell and you have a highly comical situation waiting to happen.  Clueless news anchor Ron Burgundy finds himself as the top rated news anchor in 1970s San Francisco, the age of strange haircuts, wide lapels and of course, bushy moustaches.

A simpler time of when the local anchor man was your go to source for news, Ron’s anecdotes would guarantee to brighten up even the dullest day of news and we can’t imagine there would ever be a quiet day at his TV studio.


THE OFFICE wikipedia commons 8 80 The_Office_US_logo.svg

No list could possibly be complete without mentioning The Office.  Set in the offices of a Slough paper merchant, the best part of this situation is how relatable it is to the everyday 9-5. David Brent’s attempts at being the coolest and funniest boss to ever live, be it stand-up comedy or his unique attempt at mastering dance moves are moments of cringe worthy hilarity.

The frustration of the daily grind, technology and work colleagues combined with some silly pranks and a “will it or won’t it” love interest spices up what could be an ordinary office anywhere.

From fashion magazines to paper merchants with the diversely different characters to match, which is most like your workplace?

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