How to Feng Shui your way to office serenity

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feng shui position for desk with icons

The aim of Feng Shui is to attract, nourish and direct the flow of universal energy (CHI) inside your home or office in a way that supports the flow of CHI inside your body. In theory, this should help us all to be better people, in every way.

If this all sounds a bit too esoteric for you, there is substantial evidence to suggest that office environment does impact productivity. And we can all use some help being more productive.

Whilst it’s not always possible or practical to change the entire design of an office, there are a few simple feng shui inspired changes you can make to your desk arrangement. With a few smaller tweaks you could soon be feeling more in control, relaxed and productive.

Take control of your desk

Arranging your desk is the most important feng shui decision you will make. Before you start thinking about layout, you need your desk to be in the best position.

Adjust your desk so it is directly in front of the door, or if that’s not possible, try to orient your desk so it’s angled to face the door in what’s called a commanding position. This arrangement symbolises seeing opportunities as they come towards you.

For feng shui, this is about being able to see opportunities, in order to seize them. With this arrangement, you can spot people as they approach and so can welcome colleagues or clients as they arrive.

Accessories are the key to CHI

Not only is the position of your desk an important feng shui decision, but the arrangement of the items on the desk is a 9 step feng shui. Each area is used as a focal point for an aspect of your life. By adding a related item here, you can draw in the right energy.

For example, for money and abundance, place a piggy bank in the top left corner. Or a bowl of fruit for health in the top right. These are practical, yet symbolise the element of feng shui you are focussing on too.

feng shui position for desk with icons

  1. Money and abundance.
  2. Fame and Reputation.
  3. Love and Relationships.
  4. Family.
  5. Health.
  6. Creativity.
  7. Focus.
  8. Career.
  9. Needing help.

Choose colours to enhance your mood – in/out of the office

While we can’t always control the colour of our office rooms, often they are painted and decorated in neutral shades. Adding your own personal items, and touches, in certain colours can boost your CHI and your mood. Here are some colour examples:

  • Yellow is a universally positive colour. Like the sun, in feng shui, yellow is nourishing and makes you feel happy.
  • Red is a powerful colour, fuelling passion and courage.
  • Green is nurturing and so touches of this in your stationary or desk plants will harness CHI for health and growth.
  • Orange is another popular colour and is used to create openness, optimism and encourage socialising.

Our serviced offices vary widely, in both traditional and modern buildings. Most are minimally decorated, with large windows to allow in plenty of light. Simple decor in our offices also allows our guests to add personal flourishes easily, to feel more at home.

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