How to motivate your employees without digging deep

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It is important for employees to be rewarded for the ongoing hard work and dedication they’ve put in and more importantly to make them feel valued for what they do. Where cash bonuses are always welcome, they aren’t a viable option for many small businesses, nor is it a personal enough touch to show the extent of your gratitude.

Little things can go a long way when motivating staff and can help with growing a passionate team who feel connected to your company; a hardworking, committed company culture.

Here are some subtle ways to motivate your employees without digging deep.


Give praise where deserved

Everyone likes to be recognised, and it doesn’t take much out of your day to give a compliment. If you are the managing director of a business, your input will be valued more than you could imagine. Why not surprise a well performing employee by taking them to lunch? Or alternatively, set up schemes within departments where employees can nominate each other for going the extra mile. All nominees should be thanked and the winner given the title of employee of the month.

Say goodbye to negativity

There will be bumps in the road for every business, and not every member of staff will be performing optimally at the same time. Criticising is a sure fire way to demotivate staff, so try to eliminate the negative use of language and never point the finger. Hold conversations where you talk through problems and look for new approaches to overcome issues rather than going in all guns blazing.


Believe in their future

People will feel motivated to work for you if they can imagine a long and successful career path ahead of them. Staff will always have the ambition to grow and develop so provide them with the skills they need through training or courses as a reward for their hard work. It won’t always be an appropriate fit to hire from within, but always consider internal personnel first.

Be open and honest

Staff don’t like to feel like they have been left in the dark or to have a sense of uncertainty about what lies ahead. Build up trust by keeping everyone involved about company developments, no matter their role in the company. If things are going good, share the news and boost morale, and if things aren’t going so well, make this known too- people can notice if you aren’t telling the truth.

Create a social environment

You’ll notice a huge jump in productivity if you create a working environment where your staff actually want to be. Although heads down is best for the bottom line, give your employees the opportunity to interact with each other on a personal level. Some after work events are a great way to keep your staff motivated; bowling, after work drinks or a game of football aren’t going to break the bank. Respect your staff’s personal time however, a work life balance is important and a busy social calendar may cause stress to some employees.

A small gesture can make a big difference to someone’s working day, try it today and see what a difference it makes.

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