New Amazon Office in Holborn – The Sign of Things to Come?

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New Amazon Office in Holborn – The Sign of Things to Come?

Amazon is opening a new office in Holborn and will be moving several hundred employees from its current base in Slough before the end of the year.  The online retailer, who has been hitting the headlines in recent times due to its UK tax policy, is developing a  210,000 square foot office in Holborn will be completed in September and will eventually accommodate more than 1,600 staff when finished

Technology companies seem to be full of optimism at the moment, the Silicon Roundabout project in London, that stretches from Shoreditch where it is mainly focused all the way out to Stratford, has seen a surge in companies moving to rub shoulders with the Industry’s Elite. Cisco, Facebook, Google, Intel, McKinsey & Company and Vodafone are among the companies which have moved to the area, Imperial College London, Loughborough University, City University London and University College London are all academic partners in the project.

The project has seen a huge uplift in the area, which could also be of benefit to Holborn as other companies will look to locate close to this Retail Giant in the hope of contracts and business. This move also indicates a trend where large Technology Companies are moving to otherwise, unfashionable areas of London that have the space to accommodate them and that fit within budget. When you’re as big as Amazon you can move to a new area and the others will follow; a strategy that Google have adopted with their plans for a Kings Cross Campus.

The move will be sure to spark interest in Holborn and Kings Cross once both projects are finished and it would be a surprise if the prices didn’t increase as a result. If you want to find out what is available now and what the prices are before these big Technology Powerhouses move in the give us a Call Directly to chat through the options or you can browse our website from the links below:


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