Places to stay near Bristol serviced offices

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Bristol is a giant city with a giant personality, and the hotel offerings here are second to none. As a city with art literally splattered all over its skyline, and as the epicentre of business in the South West, Bristol is an attractive and exciting business destination.

So whether you’re heading down south for a few days to scout out new serviced offices, looking for potential business, or staying for a few months to complete a project, you’ll have no problem finding somewhere to stay that suit your needs.

The Regular

When your budget doesn’t allow much room for manoeuvre and you need to find somewhere to stay at short notice, Bristol has plenty of budget hotels for you to choose from.

The Holiday Inn, Premier Inn and Travelodge are excellent options if you want a supreme choice in location. With the Holiday Inn having no less than 7 different hotels throughout the city, Premier Inn having 8 and Travelodge having a grand total of 13, you can enjoy good basic facilities exactly where you want them for minimum cost. All three of these hotels offer an excellent level of service, choice of location and comfortable accommodation for extremely convenient prices.

The Unique

If your budget allows you to enjoy a hotel with a little bit more pizazz than a budget hotel, and you are wanting quirky, interesting and unique, Bristol has plenty for you to choose from.

If you really want to appreciate the roots of this exciting city, and you don’t mind staying somewhere truly quirky, book in at Brooks Guesthouse and stay in one of their Rooftop Rockets. The guesthouse rent out these beautiful, aluminium covered caravans to people who want to try inner city glamping. Every luxury is provided, you just have the novelty of staying in accommodation like you’ve never even seen before.

The actual hotel at Brooks Guesthouse is a good option if you don’t quite fancy the Rooftop Rockets and want to stay in a light and airy haven with high spec rooms and friendly service. Expect your room to be compact, but perfect.

Eco enthusiast? Book in at The Greenhouse where the owner has worked hard to ensure almost everything in her accommodation is Eco friendly. Expect to learn a story about everything in your room. Bit of a lover of all things vintage? Book straight into The Boutique B&B and marvel at how beautiful junk shop treasures can look when they are arranged in the right way.

The Exquisite

Need to kick off your shoes and surround yourself in 5* luxury? Have the budget to relax and unwind in pure comfort after a weekend of gut wrenching sales pitches? If this is you, Bristol has plenty of options for you.

For comfortable, stylish and well-designed accommodation with fabulous views and eye wateringly beautiful modern Georgian furniture, book in at Number Thirty Eight Clifton and stay in a stunningly refurbished Georgian merchants house. To stay somewhere like a posher and more well designed version of your nana’s house – in the best possible way – book into the much loved 9 Princes Buildings where shabby truly is chic and the love put into every room hits you the moment you walk in – a charming place a little outside of the city. For modern, no holds barred, leather, duck feather, original fireplace luxury, book into The Wellington Inn where you’ll be under no illusion that you’re staying in high quality accommodation. The rooms are based above the pub as well which is handy if you fancy a nightcap before bed.

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