Serviced Offices – a personal Blog Introduction.

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Each month we will be following 2 companies, both sharing their highs and lows and everyday business challenges, as they describe any issues or problems connected to their office any and the choices and solutions they come up with or are presented with.

The companies will remain anonymous as we want an insight into their office situation and not create a branding or P.R. exercise for them. Both are SME’s, in totally different industries where one company has decided to lease their own offices and the second is in a Serviced Office.

This is the first post from the Company in a Serviced Office – they will be posting every month. We hope you enjoy the insight……………


Since this is my very first blog it feels appropriate to give a little background as to how I find myself in these serviced offices.

The office building in its original form had been used as an office space by a well-known property developer at least since the 80’s. In 2011 it was subject to redevelopment but fortunately retained its original imposing Georgian façade.  The redevelopment was simultaneous with the building of residential properties adjacent to the offices.  At the time I had only recently set up my accountancy practice from home and it was one of my clients who as a landscape gardener involved in the development brought to my attention the future availability of small office spaces in a serviced office in Weybridge. This was the very first time the client in question had ever provided me with useful information which was coherent and made sense.

I was more than ready to move to a more professional working location from my study at home especially as my last client meeting had taken place in Strada over a half-term and the combination of cackling mums and screaming kids clearly showed that my lip-reading skills weren’t up to it.

When I came to visit the offices they had only just been completed and the building was completely empty. Having the pick of 60 rooms with varying sizes I went for location and ambience (I picked that word up from a restaurant review!) rather than size and selected a second floor room with a couple of nice windows. It felt thoroughly refreshing finally to be getting on with a full day’s work without the cats walking over your keyboard or feeling the temptation to mow the lawn. I have never looked back. More importantly I have seen how clients react positively to meetings in a comfortable office location. Taking on the office has enhanced the professional image of my business and has also given structure to a working life at the office separate from home.

In the next blog I will expand a little more into how moving to these offices has made a tangible impact on my business as well as introducing you to the two wonderful ladies who make the whole place run like a Swiss watch.  Speak to you next month.

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