Serviced Offices – How much space do I need?

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It’s a common enough question, in fact it’s often the first question you’ll be asked soon after where it is you’re looking for Office Space. This is often when the confusion for the customer starts, unless you’re familiar with square feet sizes or know exactly what area you currently occupy it can be difficult to estimate what it is you’re after.

Many Office providers will also use terminology such as, “ 6 person Office” whilst others may give you the room sizes in square feet. How much space you need and subsequently occupy will vary from business to business. Different Industries will all have their own space requirements and now with smaller desks and office furniture becoming popular the amount of space you actually need to work is changing as communal facilities such as kitchens, break out areas and onsite cafes all provide different environments to work.



Other factors that can affect the area you need is the actual Office layout. Square, open plan rooms will normally provide the greatest flexibility whereas ‘L-shaped Offices’ will restrict the variety of layouts available and may even alienate some staff depending on where they are seated. Other obvious factors such as natural light and views from the windows can all be an integral part of the decision making process.

Arranging appointments and going out to view Offices although a necessity can be a time consuming process. To make the most of your time it’s essential you prioritise the most important factors for you when finding a new Office, this will help you prioritise and rank the Offices you see. This will also help companies like Easy Offices find the right Offi ce Space for you, if we have the budget, size, preferred location/s and start date we can help. As a Serviced Office Broker we have no influence over the price the actual Office Provider will charge you so if you would love to be in Mayfair but just don’t have the budget then you’re better off telling us and we can find you something suitable as close to the area you desire as possible.

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  1. Sarah - editor@

    This will depend very much on the nature of your business, as well as its culture, values and – most importantly -your clients, and their expectations.

  2. This is a very good question simply because it all depends on the amount of people you have working for you and also the amount of furniture and equipment you have and/or will be needing.

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