Some of the Worlds Coolest Offices

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Offices tend to be attractive, clean places designed around practicalities, ergonomics and efficiency. However, for some very lucky souls, their offices could only be described as quirky, bonkers, innovative and for the purpose of this article – really, really cool.

Here are some of the world’s coolest offices;

Selgas Cano - Madrid

© jingdianjiaju1
© jingdianjiaju1


Selgas Cano has an architect’s office that sits half below and half above the ground. You won’t find slides or fun office furniture here – just pure, simplistic beauty. It’s all about natural lighting, relaxation and truly bringing the outside in as it looks out onto a gorgeous forest.

© jingdianjiaju1
© jingdianjiaju1

Google - Zurich

© Julian Stallabrass
© Julian Stallabrass

Google is one of the most famous companies in the world and has a reputation for providing its staff with some pretty zany office surroundings. Working in their Zurich office you can expect to never be more than 100 metres away from food (it’s a rule!) and have access to a cafe where you can eat, for free, three times a day. You can also save your tired legs by getting around via the giant slide or fireman’s pole. Or give your tired brain a break in the aquarium.

© Julian Stallabrass
© Marcin Wichary


Red Bull Office - London

Red Bulls Soho office is one large building made up of five converted pubs. It’s a quirky space full of unusual ceiling heights, unique spaces and creative design. The office is extremely relaxed and after a long day at work you can enjoy a bevvy in the office reception, which turns into a bar at night!


Facebook - California

Facebook were never going to have boring office space were they let’s face it! What’s really cool about their approach to office design is the fact they used their own software to ask employees what they wanted from their office space. The results ended up creating an open, contemporary space full of super convenient and fun details. You can enjoy various relaxation areas, DJ spaces and skate areas – the entire office is designed to promote creativity and productivity in the day, and an inclusive, entertainment environment at night.


YouTube - California

YouTube is owned by Google, so it’s no surprise the offices are just as beautiful, fun and exciting as actual Google Offices. Here you can enjoy huge open working spaces, indoor golfing, segways, cafes, gaming areas, a swimming pool and gym.


Lego - Denmark

© Eric Lumsden
© Eric Lumsden

This has to be one of the cutest offices around. When you’re a kid you think working for any company will involve eating what they make or playing with their products. Then grow up and realise that’s not the case (and perhaps shed a little tear over that fact). Except for Lego – where that’s exactly what happens. Here you are surrounded by Lego all day and enjoy a bright, bold colourful office that actively encourages all employees to interact with it and play with Lego. This encourages them to be creative and also promotes an environment where new ideas are embraced.


We can’t promise you serviced offices quite as cool as some of the ones we’ve talked about in this article, but we can promise you great customer service, special offers and up to the minute availability updates. If that sounds good to you, give us a call on 020 3773 2893 for a quick chat.

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