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Whether your team is starting to return to the office after the pandemic, or you’ve been in the same space for a few years now, keeping your workplace interior design inspiring and interesting is more important than you might think.

A modern office or workspace isn’t just the place where you meet clients or external partners, it’s where your team need to come up with new ideas and solutions to their problems. However, designing a workplace that colleagues enjoy coming to every day and that helps them do their best work can be a challenge. To help you find inspiration, we’ve put together a shortlist of the best office design blogs.

Why is workplace design important? 

There’s much more to an office interior than staying on top of workplace design trends. Recent studies have shown that getting your working space design right can have a huge impact on your team’s productivity and mental health.

Savills reported that just 39% of workers now say their corporate office design has a positive impact on their mental health. Although this has risen from previous years, it shows that there is still scope for both employers and landlords to prioritise wellness within their workplace design. This is supported by the fact that only 34% said they’d been asked about the design of their office environment by their current employees.

Similarly, workplace design has a significant impact on productivity. For example, despite the rise in the hot desking trend, 60% of workers said that they preferred to have their dedicated desk. However, making small changes can have a big impact, with improved lighting being found to improve productivity by 23% and better ventilation seeing an 11% increase.

In short, whether you’re planning a new office design or looking for your next workplace, getting it right is just as important for your business operations as it is for your brand. For some inspiration, take a look at these online office design magazines. 

  • Office Snapshots

Founded by Stephen Searer in 2007, Office Snapshots is a database, magazine and curation site that’s packed full of office design examples and inspiration. Collated by Searer, visitors can search for images or articles based on industry, location, workspace type or even design features.

As well as main workspaces, you can search for ‘support space’ design to gather ideas for reception areas, games rooms or even locker areas. The articles are also packed full of information and useful advice. From returning to the office post-COVID to examining the office design trends of 2021, this is one of the richest office design resources available.

  •  Office Design Gallery

Handpicked from across the globe, the images in Office Design Gallery offer lots of inspiration for a range of workspaces, from home offices to executive suites. Search by designer, colour theme, country or size to find a variety of exciting and innovative spaces. Find unique features, impactful reception spaces and relaxed common rooms to take inspiration from.

  •  Rap Office Interiors

Based in the South-East of England, Rap Office Interiors have more than 20 years of experience in office refurbishment.  Having worked for some of the UK’s major brands, they now share their expert advice and inspiring photography on their blog.

As well as sharing the stories behind the designs they have completed, they share some top tips for making changes in your office environment. Their articles will help you to understand the importance of effective design, and some practical advice on how to make it happen, no matter what space you’re working with.

  •  Love Your Workspace

The benefits of prioritising ergonomics in the workplace have long been recognised and Love Your Workspace put this at the heart of all their furniture designs. They also take this approach with their blog content, which provides lots of helpful advice and information on how to optimise your workspace for employees.

From turning your sustainable vision into a reality to choosing materials that will compliment your office and keep it comfortable, their blog is as comprehensive as it is helpful. 

  • Ikea Hackers

Although Ikea Hackers is not strictly an office interiors blog, it’s a great source of ideas if you want to adapt or upgrade your office furniture on a budget. When it comes to making the most of your space and turning the everyday something imaginative and creative, Ikea Hackers has lots of practical tips and advice.

Stay ahead of office design trends

Creating an effective workspace isn’t just about understanding the latest design trends, it’s about figuring out what your colleagues need and incorporating it into a flexible space. At Easy Offices, we want everyone to have a great place to work. Whether you want a serviced or coworking space, we can help you to find one that effectively represents your brand and helps your team to perform at their best.

We can even design an office environment for you. From making the most of your space to helping your choose from a range of furniture designs and accessories to incorporating the cost into your monthly rental payments, we can help you create the perfect workspace easily.

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