Weird and wacky characteristics of a creative workspace

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We may like to keep personal and work life as separate identities, but when you consider how much time is spent there it really should be thought of and treated as a second home.  Creative workplaces keen to foster innovative ideas have been leading the way in a new approach to office design; wonderful enough to inspire ideas and lift unproductive moods.

Here are some common features every creative business is proud to have.

  • The Perspex Wall


Got an idea? Write it down immediately! No longer are “post its” the done thing anymore, but giant Perspex walls are considered the tool to have for creative sessions and collaborative brainstorms. Think big, write big, and draw big ideas for everyone to see.





  • The Out of the Ordinary Meeting Room


A stuffy style board room would never be found in any creative workspace worth its merit. Instead, modern meeting rooms and smaller “huddle” style areas for quick brainstorming sessions are popular. Big isn’t always better in this case. For longer meetings some offices are known to have spa style meeting rooms or for the lucky ones who have good weather on their side, they take it outdoors.





  • The Slide


Who knew that taking the stairs was such an inhibitor on productivity levels? Slides are becoming an ever present feature- a time saving exercise or a clever way to provide an instant boost of morale in an exhilarating number of seconds?





  • The Game Zone


Table tennis tables, table football and dart boards are creeping up in offices everywhere. The aim isn’t to find the next big table tennis stars but to make people take actual breaks away from their desk. Not only that but it brings out the competitive nature in people- a great thing for business.





  • The Office Pets


Is it not unusual to find a number of dogs running around an office, and some even have dedicated office cats “employed” to keep stress levels at bay. What’s more, without having to rush home to take their pet for a walk they may be more likely to stay longer in the office.





  • Colourful Art


It is a well-known fact that colours are extremely influential in how people feel and react to a situation. Subtle artwork is not a popular choice any more, instead pieces which create a visual statement and stimulate the senses are in favour.





  • Multi textural


Accessories offer a fun way to play with colour and textures to create a more inviting workspace making people feel connected. Upholstered chairs, plants and bean bags are common features each aiming to keep employees alert.





Combine these elements and you have a sense of community, exactly what designers wished to achieve. The unconventional aspects aim to be fun and social; somewhere for employees to take a well needed break from sitting in front of a screen and wondering where the week went. Colourful, playful and textural they invite participation and a forum for people to work and play.

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