What couldn’t you do without in the Office?

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What couldn’t you do without in the Office?

Technological advances seem to take place at almost lightning speed. Relatively speaking it wasn’t that long ago that Mobile Phones were the size of a small briefcase, thirty years or so later and it’s possible to run a business using the latest smartphones. Desktops are increasingly being replaced by laptops and now more commonly tablets, technology is moving quickly but as consumers are hunger for the latest, shiny gadget is insatiable.

Technology we are all told makes all of our lives easier and there’s no doubt the landscape of the modern office is different to the one that workers inhabited in the last century. Easy Offices thought we would test this with some of our staff members, ‘Desert Island Discs’ may ask what you would take away with you, but we’ve asked,

‘What is the one work aid that you could absolutely not do without?’

Answers below:

Nik, Sales Team

“Calculator. I need it to add up my commissions!”

Jo, Sales Team

“Radio…..keeps me sane during the day and 11am Kisstory is the highlight of my morning.”

Stuart, Marketing Team

“Google Analytic for me, it makes my job so much easier even if I don’t always like what it tells me!”

Andy, Finance Director

“Excel Spreadsheets – absolutely invaluable and incredibly flexible.”

Andrew, Sales Director

“Our CRM – I use it to monitor our daily sales enquiries as well as keeping up with the progress the sales Team are making on each enquiry.”

Barnie, Developer

“Laptop. I can access my files and search for answers to problems on the internet. It’s essential to everything I do.”

An interesting conversation to have in the office on a sunny Friday, let us know what you would miss or couldn’t do without in the comments section below.


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