What to look for in an office space company

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Finding a suitable company to rent or lease office space from can sometimes be a lengthy and expensive process. When you have numerous contracts, facilities, timescales, fit out prices and moving costs to consider, it’s plain to see why it becomes a headache for many businesses. But that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult for you.

If your company has a plan in place before you start looking for new office space, then you will be heading towards an easy move. This includes making detailed checklists, covering all eventualities and sourcing more than one potential option.

There are also a number of factors to consider in terms of the office space company you choose.


At first, you may expect to find an available office space today, sign the lease tomorrow, and move into your new office next week. However, that is very rarely the case.

Contracts and leases can take months to agree on and finalise, so take this into account before starting your search. To avoid any potential delays to the negotiations, research the terms of every lease agreement thoroughly and get the office space company to answer all your questions at the very start.

If you are looking for something flexible, find you may want to consider looking for a serviced office company that offers month-to-month deals or easy-out contracts, which are popular with start-ups and small businesses. You also need to find out whether an office space company would allow you to sublease your rented space, as this can act as your safety net in the event of a sudden downturn or critical change to your business.

Facilities and equipment

Making sure a space has stylish furniture and trendy decor is not a priority when it comes to looking for new offices. What is important, is that your staff have all the equipment and facilities they need to perform their jobs well.

The best way to guarantee this is by making a list of all the key amenities to your business structure and finding an office space company that can provide them all.

However, that is definitely easier said than done. You must remember that some office space companies will not be able to satisfy all your requirements and you may have to sacrifice items on your checklist. But, at the same time, a serviced office can give you the opportunity to save money on your overhead and fit-out costs.

Moving in

One of the best aspects of using an office space company is that they usually prepare and equip your space ready for you to move straight in and start working. Of course, you will have to find a company that provides this type of serviced office.

Some companies that provide office space even offer to project manage the entire moving in process for you, to ensure there is little to no disruption to your business. However, if you want to do this yourself and save on costs, it’s important to make a moving office checklist to get your furniture and equipment from point A to B.

Whatever your circumstances and requirements are, the most important thing to remember when looking for an office space company is to keep looking until you find the most suitable one. Even if you make some sacrifices on amenities during your search, by the end of it you should have ticked off as many items on your checklists as possible and be confident in your choice of office space provider.

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