Where to go for After Work Drinks in New York

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We all look forward to unwinding at the end of the week, whether it’s grabbing dinner with friends or catching the latest theater show, we all find ways to blow off steam. After work drinks with colleagues are becoming increasingly popular, since it’s a great way of bonding with your team and building better connections. 

New York is brimming with an abundance of bars that it can sometimes be tricky to find the right spot for after work drinks. You want something to match your vibe, whether your team leader is treating the team to swanky cocktails or looking for something fun to bring the team together, we’ve rounded up our favorite bars by area. 

The benefits of after work drinks with colleagues

Not only is it just fun, but going for after work drinks with your colleagues can build stronger relationships with your co-workers. These types of connections spill into the workplace, making for a much happier environment, as colleagues evolve into work friends. Productivity and creativity tend to improve, as socializing is so important for human nature. 

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Heading to a bar after work can break down awkward barriers, be a great icebreaker for new starters and overall boosts team morale. However, non-drinkers must feel welcomed too, so try to find bars that offer a great selection of mocktails or delicious food to be sure to include the whole team. 

The best spots for after work drinks in New York

With an incredible selection of trendy bars and cool speakeasies, there’s no better way to bond with your colleagues than over a dry martini or fruity mocktail. With each bar offering a different vibe and selection of drinks, we round up our favorites. 

If you work near: Broadway

Famed for its sheer number of theaters, Broadway is an incredibly buzzing area to hit the town after work. You’ll be spoiled for choice as the streets are lined to impress theater-goers and visitors from around the globe. For swanky and upscale drinks, head to Bar 54 and experience glamorous rooftop vibes at the top of the Hyatt. With panoramic views, it’s a stunning location to enjoy after work drinks.

For something more casual, Jimmys Corner has become a local favorite, thanks to its laid-back vibe and affordable drinks. This dive bar features neon signs and a jukebox, that make it a relaxing environment to enjoy with colleagues. 

Both of these locations are within walking distance to the hustle and bustle of Times Square as well as being nearby our vibrant 1216 Broadway office space.

If you work near: Bryant Park

Bryant Park is super popular with office workers and tourists alike. It’s a perfect spot for a lunch break, where thousands of New York workers enjoy relaxing on the grass or patio chairs. Located close to 230 Park Avenue office space, you’ll be familiar with Bryant Park in no time. 

For drinks, head to The Campbell to impress your teammates. This splashy cocktail bar is located within Grand Central station and offers an opulent selection of speciality beverages. Once an ornate office space to a mogul back in the 1920s, this transformed cocktail bar is sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

If you fancy keeping it cheap and cheerful, head to public house Stout. They pride themselves on building a charming environment that brings New Yorkers together. Kick back, unwind and build meaningful connections with your colleagues here. 

If you work near: Chelsea

Creatives and art buffs flock to Chelsea. Known as Manhattan’s art district, you will find an array of trendy galleries, fashionable boutiques and quirky bars to enjoy. After a day of working in the Meatpacking District, choose from one of these great spots to blow off steam.

If you’re looking for a unique experience, head straight to Bathtub Gin, where you’ll be transported to a world of glamor. Inspired by the Roaring Twenties, this bar offers live jazz, burlesque shows and craft cocktails that pay homage to gin. 

For something more low-key, head to the Westside Tavern, a popular neighborhood joint offering laid back vibes. Unwind with a game of pool or pick from one of 4,000 songs on their jukebox with your colleagues. 

If you work near: Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan or SoHo is a trendy and historic neighborhood attracting the creative industries, including artists and art galleries, publishing, film, dance, fashion and design. With an office space in 101 Avenue of the Americas you’ll be surrounded by diverse neighbors from multimedia digital agencies, film production services and publishers. 

Grab a drink at Mothers Ruin on Spring Street where cocktail slushies have become incredibly popular. It’s a casual establishment offering light bites, making it a great place to have a chilled catchup with colleagues. 

Another SoHo favorite is Botanica Bar where you’ll be pleased to know they offer a happy hour. Their seating extends to the street, where it feels like you’re in a funky popup. A perfect option for cool and casual drinks.

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