Davinci and Virtual Law Team Up to Offer Cost Effective Legal Services to Clients

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Virtual office operator Davinci Virtual has joined forces with legal services company Virtual Law to provide clients with a range of low-cost legal services.

Delivering business legal advice and expertise, Virtual Law provides low-overhead business solutions, taking advantage of technology to deliver the services of its senior-level commercial solicitors to clients across the UK.

Davinci Virtual currently retains more than 2,500 clients across Britain consisting primarily of businesses from the SME sector. The cost-effective legal services offered by Virtual Law are perfect to suit the legal needs required by start up companies as well as small to medium sized enterprises.

As part of the new partnership, Virtual Law will be offering all Davinci clients a free monthly legal surgery and helpline allowing small business owners a chance to discuss general legal issues with solicitors. Legal issues may include anything from intellectual property licensing to company formation.

Oliver Brice, founder and managing director of Virtual Law commented that being able to call upon “affordable” legal services is crucial to every business. He said: “Davinci clients are mostly small business owners and are now able to tap into our extensive network knowing that they will receive professional advice from high calibre solicitors without breaking the bank in the process.”

Calling the new partnership with Virtual Law a “valuable asset” to clients, Phoebe Miller, Davinci’s operations manager, added: “We benefit from an enhanced service offering whilst they benefit from easy access to dedicated legal advice without worrying about the immediate cost implications. All too often calling a lawyer is a last resort for small business owners but hopefully this new service will ensure that there are no more last resorts.”

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3 thoughts on “Davinci and Virtual Law Team Up to Offer Cost Effective Legal Services to Clients”

  1. This sounds like a really good idea! Its great to keep hearing about new initiatives to support sme’s. Virtual offices are a fantastic solution for people working from home and its so important that these smaller organisations are receiving this kind of help. I mean obviously they are paying for the services but having it at their fingertips is so important, otherwise a lot of time can be wasted looking for economy solutions that are trustworthy!

  2. Agreed. Great idea guys! Right now businesses that can corner the SME market will be doing well. With so many new start ups coming on teh scenes this is the time to get services like these cheap legal services out there.

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