Easy Offices Website Given New User Features and a Makeover

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The Easy Offices website has undergone some big changes in recent weeks. Following months of hard work we have created a modern, new look for the site and introduced a number of enhanced, user-friendly features.

Easy Offices’ team member Adam Francis, who worked with developers on the website, explains more about the project below. He discusses why we decided to redesign the site, what we have done to improve usability and how we worked to incorporate ideas and suggestions from the whole of the Easy Offices team.

“Website design is a bit like fashion, there are trends and new styles that become popular and as a company we felt that it was important to keep up to date, hence the changes. First impressions are as important in the virtual world as in the physical one so our primary motivation was to create both a ‘better looking’ site as well as one that had more relevant features to enhance the user experience.

We were able to take advantage of changes in technology to create not only a more ‘user friendly’ experience but one that makes the search interface more relevant to the customer. Our map designs make it easy and relevant to search in popular locations, in Central London for example you can choose to search by postcode or by region, our Tube Map allows you to narrow down exactly which offices are closest to which stations. By adding other features such as ‘street view’ we have allowed the user to view the immediate area around any of the offices on our site from the comfort of their office or home.

Working as part of a team means that it is essential to get everyone’s individual input. Each person has a different role with their own responsibilities and this will relate back to how they use the website. The feedback I received from the different departments within Easy Offices when planning the new website was invaluable, and has hopefully helped us achieve our main goal: to create a website that was Easy and hassle free to use but also relevant to the user.”

Take a look at our new website design and features for yourself by clicking here, and please do let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

3 thoughts on “Easy Offices Website Given New User Features and a Makeover”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Good job on the re-launch. I like the new features, especially the city view, can really see this benefitting your clients, well thought of!


  2. Andy de Wet Steyn

    Thanks for everyone’s hard work, I have every confidence that it will have been worth it as the new site is so much more “user friendly” than the previous version.

  3. It would be great to hear what some of the users think of the changes. We’re already making some small tweaks based on feedback and have further changes planned.

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