Five famous examples of people who made a career change for the best

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If Monday mornings fill you with dread, your productivity levels are dwindling and you feel like you are stuck in a rut, often it is an indication that it’s time for pastures new. If taking a change of scene professionally has long been at the back of your mind, taking the plunge can be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Starting afresh and allowing your enthusiasm to flourish in something which you are passionate about rather than working to pay the bills can lead to a long and happy career- just ask the famous individuals we’ve lined up on our list.

To help you feel inspired, here are five famous faces we are sure you’ll recognise who started their professional careers in an area very different to how we know them today.

  1. Walt Disney


Believe it or not, the creator and visionary behind one of the world’s biggest brands and one of the most famous illustrators of all time wasn’t always bringing fairy tales to life, but creating headlines hot off the press. As a newspaper editor Walt was dealing with characters with much less sparkle on a daily basis. The most shocking revelation is that Walt was actually fired for lacking imagination- apparently he had no good ideas. This newspaper owner’s loss and the world’s gain.








 2.       Whoopi Goldberg

4412531722_995743dd40_bBefore gracing the silver screen and hitting the red carpets in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, Whoopi Goldberg led a much more morbid career. A job which is not for the faint hearted or squeamish, Whoopi worked in a funeral parlour applying makeup to those who had passed away. One not many has on their CV.








 3.       Andrea Bocelli


With an easily recognisable and extremely powerful voice, Andrea Bocelli tenor and songwriter has not always been a singer. With extra strings to his bow, Andrea actually attended law school and spent a number of years in the profession. Having always loved singing, Andrea finally became famous for his voice at the age of 34 and proved himself wrong having originally thought he couldn’t make a career out of singing.








 4.       Colonel Sanders


Wondering where you recognise this man from? Colonel Sanders, AKA MR KFC is now strangely one of the most recognised faces in the world having developed his signature blend of spices. The chain of restaurants were not his life’s work however and he didn’t open the doors of his first establishment until he was 65. He previously was the proprietor of a motel, evidently with an entrepreneurial flair.








5.       Arnold Schwarzenegger


Who would have thought that The Terminator and former professional bodybuilder would one day have authority over the people of California? Arnold put the action flicks on hold for a number of years to become Governor of California for two successful terms. Having conquered two very different worlds, who knows what he might choose to do next?

What these individuals show is that if there is something you are passionate about, don’t give up trying to achieve it. Do you have any other examples in mind to add to the list?







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