Most Annoying Habits in the Office Space

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What is the most annoying or aggravating habit you have experienced in your Office Space? I’m sure everyone has their ‘pet hates’ but a recent poll has listed the most annoying habits in the workspace:

1. Noisy eaters.
2. Messy Colleagues
3. Staff who don’t wash up after themselves.
4. Bringing smelly food into the office.
5. Lateness
6. Failure to listen to others.
7. People who ‘talk over’ other’s conversations.

It’s perhaps not surprising that food related issues are top of the list, few things invade other’s personal space such as stinky food or bad eating habits. Although most Serviced Offices have communal kitchens where the facilities are shared although not all include microwaves now due to the lingering smell of successive lunches!

Here at Easy Offices we tend to mix it up a bit with staff eating out and eating together. We Rent an Office where we are lucky enough to have our own private kitchen and microwave so staff do have the choice of bringing in their own lunches which in the present financial environment is always a factor. The only real lunchtime ritual we have is ‘Naughty Friday’ which without fail almost everyone takes part in!

So join in and spill the beans about Lunchtime Habits, what would make it onto your list?

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