The Truth Behind Office Brokers

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As an office broker Easy Offices is often approached by customers who do not fully understand the place of an office broker within the serviced office industry.  We thought the following facts might help to dispel some myths surrounding office brokers for companies looking to work with an agent.


Can one office broker get me a better deal than another?

Unlike some other industries an office broker does not set the price of your office.  Your contract is taken out with the serviced office operator directly and NOT the agent.  Your negotiations on price are directly with them, NOT the office broker; therefore no office broker can get you a better price than any of the others. However, due to their close relationship with the provider, all office brokers may help you with negotiations, acting as a middle man between your company and the operator.  All office brokers will also have knowledge of the best deals currently available in the industry.


Can you get me a better deal on my serviced office if you accompany me on the viewing?

Just as above, the office broker does not set the price of your office space so it makes no difference if they accompany you or not.


Can you get me a better deal on my office if I cancel the viewings I have already arranged through another office broker and book them all through you?

Cancelling viewings will only create more work for the serviced office operators who will have to deal with re-booking the appointments.  It makes no difference to the price you will end up paying whether you use one broker or many.


Do you cover 100% of the serviced office market?

None of the office brokers cover 100% of the market.  In fact, at Easy Offices we are working with fewer operators than most as we believe that some operators have very poor working capital.  We would not want to recommend a company through which you might risk losing your deposit. 


At Easy Offices we give honest, unbiased advice regarding the serviced office industry.  We will help find the best serviced office option for you based on your individual circumstances and budget. 


Call our sales team for the best advice today on 0800 085 5050 and let us make your office move Easy!


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  1. Hi Emma, Our service is 100% free to you the customer, we do not charge a retainer fee. Our fees are paid by the serviced office operator but this makes no difference to the price that you will pay.

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