Orega Morphsuited Bikram Yoga Girls Raise Cash for Macmillan

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Clad in green Morphsuits, a couple of Orega’s more outgoing members of staff have been raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support in a rather unique bake sale at the operator’s Wandsworth business centre!

Orega staff member’s Sharka Komurkova and Emma Brackenridge (pictured left to right) decided that the Morphsuites would help sweeten the deal when convincing clients to buy their home-made cakes, sold in support of the Macmillian charity’s ‘world’s biggest coffee morning’ event. The suits, which were donated by a former serviced office client PureGym, were a close match for the Macmillan Cancer Charity colour brand.

The cake and biscuit spread was further enhanced by some delicious doughnuts which the girls managed to purchase in a fundraising deal with Krispy Kreme whereby they could sell them on for twice the price that they bought them for! The savvy fundraisers also received generous support from the local Oddbins which provided 10 bottles of wine that could be sold at a suggested donation – helping to raise further money and even bigger smiles from willing buyers!

The two-hour bake sale odyssey reportedly went down very well with business centre clients which helped the girls to raise ÂŁ300 for the deserving cause.

Sharka also helped to boost the funds with a sponsored 30-day bikram challenge which involved 90-minutes of Bikram yoga a day performed in temperatures of up to 40.6°C and humidity of 40%. Sharka has chosen to extend the daily yoga challenge to an exhausting 102 days, Orega’s report did not specify whether she has been wearing the Morphsuit during her ongoing yoga sessions but we suspect not!

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