Top Reasons to Move Your Business Out of the House and into an Office

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When you are a start-up company overheads are tight, particularly during the first 12 months. Many companies initially decide to set up from home to save money. However working from home is not always an ideal situation; individuals can start to feel stifled by the overfamiliar walls surrounding them and frustrated by the inevitable disruptions of the household.

Making that first move from the home to your own office space may seem like a big step. There are, however, various options available on the market which could mean that signing up for your own office is not as expensive as you might think.

During the recession we have seen a mass increase in the demand for one person offices and, in response to this, many office operators are now offering some really good deals and discounts to encourage start-up businesses into their centres.

Flexible leasing is widely available in business centres across the country and the majority of operators offer licences from as little as a month, meaning that you do not also have to risk getting tied in to a long-term contract.

Hot-desking is also a viable alternative to working from home. Typically offering a desk with IT and telecom facilities in an open plan environment, hot-desking provides an office atmosphere where you can arrive and feel like a professional.

Below are our top reasons to make that move out of home and into a business centre. To find out more about flexible leasing in your area, and the most cost-effective solutions available to your business, please call 020 3773 2893.

**Avoid the Distractions** Staying at home may sound like a great way of saving money but in reality working from your house may actually prove more costly than cost-effective. When you work at home you are perceived differently by those around you than if you were working in the office. People in the household, as well as family, friends and neighbours, are more likely to disturb you than if you are in the office. It is also easy to get sucked in to watching a bit of TV or quickly doing the dishes but over the day all of these household distractions can add up to working time wasted.

**Feel like a Professional** Similarly, by staying within the familiar surroundings of your house, your work-life balance is thrown out of whack. It is more difficult to define the line between home-life and work-life. As a result entrepreneurs can often find themselves either chained to their desk, unable to ever really relax when they are at home, or constantly distracted because they are not working in what they perceive to be a professional environment.

**Company Image** Having your own office is, without question, the best way of promoting a professional company image towards your clients and, of course, for you and your staff. Business centres provide a bone fide company address as well as a professional, well-managed environment in which to welcome clients. If you are hot-desking business centres will often offer you discounts on the use of their meeting room facilities to provide you with a cost-effective place where you can meet with clients.

**Access to Business Support** A big advantage of working at a business centre is that the onsite team can provide you with all the business services you could possibly require. Whether it is administrative support or secretarial services, access to meeting rooms, fax or photocopying facilities, you will find it at your fingertips.

**Networking** Working at home can be lonely. The thriving atmosphere of a business centre can go some way to filling the empty void of office camaraderie. Get to know your neighbours and search out potential business opportunities by networking right on your doorstep. Many business centres are now hosting weekly or monthly events helping to encourage residents to interact, having recognised the value of in-house networking for clients.

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  1. Thanks for the post! I agree that running a business at office has proved to be advantageous rather than running business at home.Working in an office makes one feel like a professional, it also helps in building relationship with other co-workers.In a way it helps to build networking.

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