Designing Serviced Offices for the Future

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It is easy to get wrapped up in the day to day business of living, but sometimes it pays to take a moment to think further ahead and plan for the future. This is the vision driving RJmetis’s recent Apps for Business Centres initiative which is a key element to shaping business centres of the future, the firm believes.

Innovative technologies and mobile devices combined with a real social shift in terms of how and where businesses are run and operated means that UK business centres are on the cusp of a wave of new opportunity to create an unbeatable business centre experience.

Already instrumental in how serviced offices are managing their businesses with its CentreCharge software, RJmetis believes that this is just the start of a revolution in this sector that will sort the wheat from the chaff in terms of who will shape up to the challenge of implementing new processes and services that make best use of new and emerging technologies.

RJmetis MD Justin Harley commented: “The successful business centre of the future will probably offer a mixture of hot desk space, comfortable social areas and formal offices, combined with unbeatable wi-fi access, in a clean, ergonomically designed space that will attract aspiring market leaders.

“Providing access via an on-line portal to the centre and its range of services is an obvious first step and would enable the clients to manage their business as and when it suits them. This type of flexibility is something for which we are already seeing an increasing a demand and can help to improve levels of client satisfaction. At RJmetis we believe that the i-pad is going to be a key feature within the business centre world. It will enable sales people to sign a client there and then using a licence module which we are in the processing of developing for the i-pad. In addition, visitors to the centre will be able to log in via touch screens and an automated message will be sent to the person they are visiting, notifying them of their arrival.

RJmetis believes that savvy business centre operators will embrace the opportunities that new technology will bring and take the initiative, ensuring that their centre managers maximise the freedom offered by the use of mobile devices, such as the i-Pad, which will enable them to move around the site, dealing with customer service and reviewing operations while all the time having access to key information and making decisions on the move.

The first of RJmetis’ Apps for Business Centres, i-Calc for i-Pod and i-Touch, was launched earlier this year and has already been downloaded at a phenomenal rate across the world. The company also showcased its CentreCharge Mobile App at the recent BCA annual conference in Canary Wharf. Further Apps will be revealed in the coming months.

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