London Offices Without the London Prices.

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London Offices Without the London Prices.

Are you looking for Office Space in London but are concerned or have been put off by the prices, or do you feel it’s essential for your company to have a business address in London but are not sure if you can afford it?

London is one of, if not the most expensive Office location in the world along with Tokyo, so although the leafy, exclusivity of Mayfair may be out of reach it doesn’t have to mean that the rest of the Capital is beyond your budget. London has such a wealth of Serviced Offices that there are always going to be options for any budget, you might not be able to afford to be in the middle of Berkeley Square but we might be able to find you an Office within walking distance.

The other consideration is how your business will actually use the Office Space day in, day out. Is your business ‘client facing,’ will existing and potential customers want to visit you at your premises? Alternatively, is the emphasis normally on you and your employees to visit your customers whereby the need for a plush, ‘wow factor’ office isn’t necessary along with the costs that go with it!

Whatever the requirement, budget or needs there will normally be options for you to explore. If you are client facing then you may want to consider a more aesthetic office in London but perhaps not centrally located where the costs for this type of office may be out of budget, Richmond or Hammersmith could be better alternatives for example.

Have a look at the links below with details on Prime London locations along with some possible alternatives:

Prime London locations:

Mayfair                  →           Marylebone

Bank                      →           Mansion House

St. James Park      →           Soho

Kensington            →           Bayswater

Alternative Non Central London locations:

Richmond            Hammersmith                   Chiswick

Old Street            Vauxhall                          Southwark

To get more information on any of these locations please call us directly or follow the links to browse the offices online.


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