Major International Firm RPS Expands Head Office at Milton Business Park, Abingdon

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Leading consultancy company, RPS Group Plc, has decided to build upon its ongoing success at Milton Park near Abingdon by choosing to expand its head office, currently located there.

The international firm, which specialises in energy, infrastructure planning and environmental consultancy, has taken 16,200 sq ft of new office space at the park, choosing to remain put rather than moving to a new location.

Milton Business Park, located near Abingdon, is the UK’s largest mixed-use business and Science Park. The reputable park offers excellent access links to and from the rest of the country, which was one of the driving factors behind RPS’ decision to stay on site.

Dr Alan Hearne, RPS Group chief executive, said:  “As Milton Park is easy to access from around the country and projects the appropriate image for our business, we wanted to stay on the park so we could continue to benefit from this prestigious location. ”

RPS currently retains 5000 employees spread across 100 office locations. The firm can be found in twelve countries across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and the Australia Asia Pacific regions. The consultancy has been involved in major projects across the world. Examples include the recently opened Titanic Quarter in Belfast, for which RPS provided planning, engineering, roads and landscape design input.

The company was included in the planning and environmental assessments for the offshore and onshore energy infrastructure required by the mammoth London Array project, currently under construction. RPS also holds 270 wind turbines in the Thames Estuary which could provide up to a quarter of London’s electricity requirements. The group was even involved in the original creative planning for Milton Park, having produced the landscape designs for the park some 20 years ago!

The team at Milton Park were happy to accommodate the changing needs of RPS by moving the company to a larger unit. Head of leasing at Milton Park, Philip Campbell commented: “At Milton Park we are fully engaged with our customers and when their success leads to growth in their business, we work together to ensure we can supply the best possible premises so their business can continue to thrive.  RPS Group is working on some of the most important issues faced by our global society and we are delighted to be able to assist with their company growth at Milton Park.”

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CAPTION: (from left to right) Gary Young of The RPS Group and Philip Campbell of Milton Park

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