The way companies work is changing rapidly, and so are the office spaces they occupy.  Innovative, high-growth start-ups need to be agile, and that’s why flexible co-working spaces are becoming so popular.  Companies that don’t fit the traditional nine-to-five mould need working spaces that understand them and their needs.

Easy Offices caught up with Bogdan, the COO of Splento, who spoke about why running a business from a co-working space has helped him to grow the company, learn from others, find new clients and work more collaboratively. He also credits the success of his business today to the benefits of working from modern and flexible co-working spaces.


A survey by Office Vibe concluded that working alongside other driven and ambitious people has been proven to increase productivity. The same survey found that 64% of entrepreneurs said they felt more productive and 90% of entrepreneurs said they felt more confident as a result of being in a co-working space.

Co-working allows you to learn from other people who are in a similar situation and facing the same problems as you. Most small business owners are familiar with the feeling of self-doubt which often comes with starting a business. However, the emotional support offered by others in the same boat can be an invaluable asset.

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