Choosing an office space for your business can feel like a long and complex process, especially now we know what a huge impact it can have on company culture.

What’s key to remember is that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, with different industries and business types having a whole host of varying priorities.

Whether you’re looking to rent a shared serviced office of a private space to call your own, read on to find out what to look for when it comes to finding that pitch-perfect place; one that suits your business down to a T.  

What to look for: businesses that are creative to the core

These days, you’re as likely to find a foosball table and dedicated beer-pong room in a creative office as you are an array of iMac computers. And it is true – business owners in this field have their work cut out for them when it comes to staying current and competitive.

In a world where rumoured images of the amazing Facebook offices reside permanently in the minds of creative job-hunters, picking an office space that screams ‘out-the-box’ is vital. That means cool, funky decor that feels fresh and exciting, but which isn’t patronising or too OTT. It means a sleek, modern kitchen area that can double up as a bar, and plenty of dynamic spaces that induce brilliant ideas. Most of all, it means renting a place that feels open, luxurious, and just a little bit like your stylish friend’s beautifully curated townhouse. No pressure. 

What to look for: businesses that are more techy, less artsy

With the advent of of onsite massages and lunchtime yoga sweeping the creative industries recently, it can often feel like tech companies are getting left behind. But with a recent study showing that 97% of tech workers would stay longer at a company that offered healthier workspace benefits, it may be time for the industry to catch up. If you own a tech – or other slightly less ‘creative’ – startup and are looking for your first office space, it’s crucial to consider breaking stereotypes of times gone by.

With ‘drier’ industries long being associated with staff spending far too much time hunched behind a computer, and not enough time brainstorming on beanbags, consider renting a space that actively helps to counteract this. Look for areas that could be used as chilled hangout rooms, or even consider a space with an onsite gym. And of course, a private room that can be used for the pop-up office masseur is key. 

What to look for: businesses with a lot of international clients

Proximity to major train stations with exceptional connections to the local airports will be your first port of call when looking to rent an office for a business with a lot of international clients. Considering things like good nearby hotels is also a must. More than that, though, you’ll want to think about the experience your clients have when visiting you in your country.

In other words: letting them turn up to a place that feels more industrial estate than industrial-chic is probably a bit of a professional turnoff. Your clients want to feel like globe the trotting business execs they are when the come to town, so having an office that looks the part is essential. Think smart New York loft vibes with some of the town’s trendiest bars within walking distance. Better yet, put one of those bars onsite. 

What to look for: businesses that are going green

It only takes a quick scan of the latest business rags to see that more and more companies are putting a commitment to sustainability at the core of their brand ethos. If this sounds like you, ensuring your office space ticks all the eco-friendly boxes will be as important as making sure your business turns a profit. To put sustainability at the centre of your office search, look for buildings that go above and beyond energy efficiency requirements, and ask plenty of questions about this when viewing properties. That means picking somewhere that doesn’t require excessive (or any) aircon during the summer, and one that’s exceptionally well insulated with triple-glazed windows to keep heat in during the winter. It can also help to look for a space with a lot of natural light, which can considerably cut down the need for using those harsh, fluorescent bulbs or energy-guzzling lamps.

A bit like moving home, it can be easy to get bogged down in endless lists of must-haves and non-negotiables when looking for an office space. But once you’re settled in to your new place with a body of excited and motivated staff, there’s no doubt that it will feel worth every ounce of energy expended… and then some.   

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