The UK’s startup revolution shows no signs of faltering, with cities from Bristol to London becoming global hotspots for fledgling businesses. With innovative new companies setting up shop across the UK, our research shows that the startup scene in the UK is alive and kicking.

With this in mind, we’ve picked five exciting startups that we predict will go on to bigger and better things this year.

An aerial view of London, Shoreditch.

1. Gousto

Quality, home cooked food is becoming increasingly more important for health, yet many people struggle to find the time to research, shop and cook the perfect recipe. This is where London company Gousto comes in. Customers receive the full package direct to their door, including the recipe and all the ingredients needed.

However, the secret to their success does not just lie with the fact that their product is excellent. Gousto is a firm to watch because of their forward-thinking attitude and investment in development, technology and data science. Advancements such as their new Amazon Alexa app which allows budding cooks to follow recipes ‘hands-free’ has put them ahead of the pack. Full steam ahead for this young company.

2. Oxbotica

Based in Oxford, Oxbotica’s concept is autonomous vehicle software, aimed at leading us into the future of vehicular technology. Already trialled in Greenwich in 2017 with the use of driverless shuttles, the company are looking to send out six vehicles to complete the Oxford to London trip – without a driver.

As technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, with Britain regarded as the leader in Europe, it’s hardly surprising we’ve placed a technology company as one of our five to watch. However, Oxbotica promises something no one has yet delivered. With plans to develop fleet autonomy, they are unlikely to be standing still anytime soon.

3. Mespo

With the finance industry another big growth area, we looked for a startup that we think is doing something different. We think we have found it with London-based Mespo.

Mespo’s clever little app monitors a user’s spending and notifies them when they go over their budget. Not only that, it will try and get them back on track by helping them reduce their monthly costs, all at a click of a button.

Mespo helps solve a problem without stress or hassle and is accessible for everyone. Plus, who isn’t interested in saving more money, so you can spend it on the nice things in life? Keep an eye on Mespo and watch it happen.

4. Concured

Marketing and advertising strategies are crucial for businesses looking to keep ahead of their competitors. As content marketing continues to grow in popularity, knowing what people think about the content they are viewing goes a long way towards helping companies develop future marketing tactics – and this is exactly what London-based Concured does (with a little AI help). The ethos is simple; increase engagement by providing readers with the content they want and see ROI rocket.

Companies are all seeking the holy grail when it comes to marketing strategies, and happy to invest, which is why we think Concured has hit the nail in the head with its app.

5. Wandera

With the GDPR law is set to come into force, security of both data and cyberspace has never been more important. Wandera has entered the world of mobile security, at a time when more and more people browse on their phones, instead of turning to their laptops. Wandera boldly states it aims to tackle not just detection, but the prevention of mobile security breaches.

Based in London, the company has already won contracts with some huge international names, such as Bloomberg and NATO, and looks set to go on to bigger and better things in 2018. Watch this space.

Starting a business is the easy part; building it from strength to strength is the biggest challenge of all. These startups share a few characteristics that have ensured their current success; they are all involved in growing industries, they solve a problem, they are all innovative and they are all based in great locations. We’re looking forward to seeing what they do next.

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