Team-building exercises and a weekly pub lunch are a dime a dozen when it comes to office perks. But with 75% of younger workers seeking out an engaging and fun workplace, businesses are turning to more unique and creative ways to keep employees engaged and motivated.

dog in a serviced office space

Here are some of our suggestions for not-so-traditional work perks to boost morale at the office.

Masseuse Mondays

If there’s one way to ensure your staff are clear-headed and focused for the week ahead, it’s with free massages. On-site chair massages have been shown to reduce stress by 85% and improve mental clarity. In fact, employees in two separate studies show increased alertness, speed and accuracy following a 15-20 chair massage at work. What does that mean for you? Happier, healthier, more productive employees.

Doggie days

One in five British workplaces allow pets in the office, including tech giant Google, who encourages dogs at their London HQ. While it’s nice to have Fido at your feet while you work, there’s science to back up the warm and fuzzy feelings too. A study by Central Michigan University found that when dogs were present in a group of employees, they were more likely to trust each other and collaborate more effectively.

Kids’ crèche

Family responsibilities such as having to take care of kids is one of the top five reasons for employee absenteeism. Offering child-minding services in the office or childcare bonuses for parents returning to work after parental leave can help new parents balance family and work responsibilities more effectively.

Stretch time

Incorporating stretching exercises throughout the day boosts employee energy, engagement and efficiency, according to a study by Organizations in Motion. Consider setting aside 10 or 15 minutes in the early afternoon to get your team together and some group stretches. It will not only help overcome the afternoon slump, but also have a positive impact on group cohesion.

Free flu shots

The NHS covers the cost of flu vaccines for people at risk, such as those over 65 or pregnant women. It’s likely that the majority of your employees won’t fall into this category, however, and they may not pay for a flu jab themselves. By offering free on-site flu shots before flu season hits, you can help keep your employees healthy and reduce the amount of sick leave taken.

Volunteer days

A 2017 study by Deloitte found that businesses that give employees opportunities to contribute to “good causes” help young professionals feel empowered while reinforcing positive associations between business activities and social impact. Dedicating a day to give back through volunteering can be a good way to help employees feel they are making a valuable contribution to society and building a positive team spirit.

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