8 Mental Habits for Success

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Competitors, economic trends, unexpected challenges, client demands, stress…every day, we’re faced with a multitude of things we can’t really control. And while it can be nerve-wracking, there is one thing we do have control of, which has the influence and power to impact everything, and that’s our mindset. Here are some positive mental habits to improve how we feel. 

The established set of attitudes held by someone.

Although it sounds simple, adjusting your mindset can be challenging, but putting the work in can be extremely rewarding. Online search trends show more people than ever are looking for ways to do it:

According to research, 56% of people turn to social media for a mindset boost, with animal videos and random acts of kindness posts making us feel more positive. At the office, we look for work that makes us feel energised, and a collaborative workspace that gives us purpose and belonging.  

For many, improving the set of beliefs that shape how we see the world has become more important than ever over the past few years. More people are looking for a shift in mindset, but in what ways?

Here’s what online demand reveals:

MindsetNumber of people interested in each month
How to be confident2,900
How to be productive880
How to be positive880
How to be organised720
How to be assertive720
How to be patient390
How to be less stressed390
How to be less anxious260
How to be empathetic260

With the growing popularity of mindset and positivity training at work, searches for ‘growth mindset’ are skyrocketing each month.

MindsetNumber of people interested each month
Growth mindset9,900
Positive mindset1,300
Fixed mindset880

8 Mental Habits for a Happier Mindset

If you’re looking for ways to add healthier mental habits into your daily routine and develop a growth mindset at the office, here are eight ways to get started.

1. Build confidence  

Tell yourself your best is good enough every single day. Battle imposter syndrome by keeping a folder of all your achievements on your desktop, like good feedback, positive conversations, shout-outs from coworkers or happy client emails, no matter how big or small.

2. Focus on the good

During any challenge or difficult situation at work, try to find at least one positive thing to focus on, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

3. Practice gratitude

At least once a day, stop what you’re doing and list three things you are grateful for. It could be something as simple as having an air-conditioned office on a warm day!

4. Seek out positive people

Positivity can be contagious. Actively seek out people with a positive mindset and spend time with them when possible.

5. Create a daily ritual

Start each morning with a few minutes just for yourself so that you can set your intention for the day. Make a list or simply mentally prepare yourself to be present.

6. Positive self-talk

If you speak negatively to yourself, counteract it with something positive or encouraging. Try to do this at least once a day to start with.

7. Identify your triggers

If a particular time of the day or a specific activity makes you feel negative at work, try to deconstruct it to figure out why – then tackle it one step at a time.

8. Be patient

Don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself or others. Practising a positive mindset can happen one step at a time over a long period.

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