Allergy UK Report suggests Staff Sick Days can be alleviated by keeping the Office Workplace clean.

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As the temperature plummets in your Office and staff argue over how high the heating needs to be, businesses have been advised to check their heating and ventilation systems to help prevent the spread of work-related illness. Companies in Leasehold Offices will have to communicate with their Landlord to assess whose responsibility it is to pay, in a Serviced Office however it’s much simpler as it’s all included in your Monthly Rental.

The advice comes as one of several measures outlined following the Allergy UK’s ‘Work Fever’ report. It found 27% of workers felt symptoms such as eye, throat and nasal problems, headaches, lethargy and skin complaints were worsened at work.

The report found 73% of workers had taken sick leave in the past year, with 42% having to take time off due to allergies. 14% were out of work for between four and ten days.
Allergy UK believes these figures could be reduced by ‘actively minimising allergens in the Office. They have advised businesses to take the following measures:

• Check heating and ventilation systems are up to date.
• Invest in air purification methods for areas with limited ventilation.
• Consider smooth or flocked carpets and flooring recommended by Allergy UK.
• Keep plants clean, well-watered and free from mould.
• Clean offices regularly and thoroughly.

Employees are also recommended to help themselves, and are encouraged to:
• Drink plenty of water.
• Keep a clean desk environment.
• Store coats away from heavy ‘traffic’ areas to prevent the spread of dust.

Regardless of where you are in the UK there are sure to be locations near you that will provide a Managed or Serviced Office whereby you don’t have to worry about the management of the facilities as the cost is included in your monthly charge. Visit our website for more details.

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