Evernote, Onenote or Springpad?

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Often the best ideas come when you least expect it. Rushing from meeting to meeting, or making the most of the commute, it is important to have somewhere to note down your thoughts, ideas or to dos in an easily accessible place you can refer to later.

Gone are the days of moleskin note books and Filofaxes, today our smartphones do all that and more. Developers have been hot on the heels of this trend with a rising number of options available, but three remain as clear winners in terms of popularity; Evernote, Onenote and Springpad – the words on the lips of every note making enthusiast.

Here’s what you need to know about the three market leaders.


Evernote   Remember everything with Evernote  Skitch and our other great apps.

Evernote proudly claims to “make modern life manageable by letting you easily collect and find everything that matters“. Working like a digital filing cabinet with one click of your phone you can save articles, make audio notes, take notes with your phone’s camera and even use it as a blogging platform as you can share your notes quickly through Facebook.

The interface works brilliantly across most devices and can also be used on a desktop. Clear, crisp and modern its aesthetics are hard to beat. This app is equally as much about what is on the inside as it is on the outside, Evernote has a team of hardworking developers behind it meaning that it constantly evolves and improves.


Microsoft OneNote - note taking software   Office.com

If you’d like a notebook with a nostalgic feel then Onenote is for you. This app operates like a real life digital version of a classic multi-section notebook and is available fully on the desktop or as a scaled down mobile app version. If you are a minimalist wanting an app to take your notes down quickly and efficiently then this is for you.

It is lacking in the amount of options and features compared to its rivals so it may not appeal to those looking for an all singing, all dancing solution. Coming from the creators of Microsoft Office you can expect greater formatting and if you already make use of Microsoft SkyDrive as a cloud service then this is a very convenient option.


Springpad  Everyday life  done better

A relative newcomer compared to the other more mature note keeping apps, this app is vibrant and cutting edge in terms of its design. Strong on its offline features and usability, this makes Springpad just as accessible as using a paper notepad. With Springpad you can really bring things to life. Add images, places, sounds clips, links and many more to your notes to create visual stimulants and ideas.

Want others to get involved with your note taking? You can invite friends or colleagues to view your Springpad notebooks for easy collaboration on projects. The brilliant part for all you money savers out there is that all features are free.

Living in the age of information may be insightful but it can easily become overwhelming. Find out which tool works best for your needs and see your productivity and quality of ideas reach new heights.

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