New year, new you?

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The first chapter of a brand new year is upon us. If the packed gyms, healthy food choices and pledges of a “dry“ January are anything to go by, it’s time to make a change for the better. Where you may try and fail to overcome temptations in your personal life, often the best place to make improvements and gain a sense of accomplishment is in the workplace.

Forget the long list you’ll have forgotten about come February, make a few significant changes that will steer your business or career in the only direction it should be going in; to the pathway of success. Here’s what to mark high priority.


Learn something new everyday

Don’t let your skillset get behind. Keep up to date with what is happening in your industry on a daily basis and commit to brushing up on any areas you feel you’re rusty on. Not only will this make you more productive, but you are more likely to approach your tasks with greater confidence. You’ll be more employable and a greater asset to your company.

Go above and beyond

In order to gain credibility and to be respected by your superiors and clients it is important to give your all. Not only will see better results, but you will hopefully get out of it exactly what you’ve put in, and a great deal of satisfaction to match. Set goals which you want to achieve, visualise your success and follow through to the best of your ability. No matter how proud you are, don’t forget to ask for help along the way.

Strengthen relationships

Maintaining and building healthy relationships with your colleagues will not only prove hugely effective when collaborating on projects, but make you feel happier and more connected to the environment around you. Have a positive, approachable nature, and make small gestures to show that you appreciate those on your team. People will feel more motivated to help you, and you never know who your next boss will be.

Improve your work-life balance

If you have followed through with the above steps, you may be wondering where you will possibly have the time to focus on your life outside of work. However, this is the time to reduce your stress levels. If you can, try to find time to exercise- most likely one of your new year’s resolutions anyway. With energy levels up, you’ll find you are productive and motivated in the office, with an overall healthier approach to life.

Stuck in a rut?

If you have been really committing to your current position for some time and feel like you’ve got no where to go, it may be time to look further afield. Don’t be afraid to take your next step into your own hands. Network, look for opportunities and sell yourself. Once you’ve knocked up an unbeatable CV, think about how you can translate this into 140 characters. Not only will Twitter open a new door of employment opportunities, but by selling yourself in a concise manner, you will show off your social media savviness.

Achieve your ambitions with small but sensible steps, overcommitting rarely ever works; make this the year of the career.

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