The Advantages and Disadvantages of Serviced Office Space

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At Easy Offices, we are frequently asked, “What advantages will my business get from renting serviced office space?” and “Why is office space important?” For companies unsure of what a serviced office business centre can offer them, we’ve put together this list of some major benefits of renting serviced office space, comparing them with the few cons they might come across as well. 

Easy Offices sit independently within the office space industry, and we want our clients to know that they are choosing the right office option for them. We’ve compiled some advantages and disadvantages that companies should be aware of when considering a move to serviced office space, and to help in choosing the best office space to suit their business. 

Whether you’re looking for a temporary office space for your first start-up office or a long-term, flexible office space solution as you grow your business, use our easy-to-use search function to find the best offices to let near you. 

Advantages of leasing an office space

Fully-serviced office spaces and offices for rent are extremely popular among start-ups, small businesses and growing ventures that are looking for flexible office spaces as they relocate or trail hybrid working schemes. 

More than half of the workforce in the UK would seek alternative jobs if a hybrid option of working was eliminated, so renting a temporary office space allows companies to offer this flexibility to their employees. 

Serviced offices also offer many benefits to those looking for inexpensive and short-term lease options if they are unable to secure funds to pay for long-term and permanent office space. 

Other advantages of renting an office space include:

  • Flexibility of lease – Short term leases or ‘ready to go’ offices are available for immediate occupation. You can choose to vacate and move in quickly and at short notice, while signing leases requires no legal costs and usually no references. A flexible office space contributes to the flexible work culture of the company, and many employees seek this in today’s digitally connected world. 
  • Minimal overheads – Low or almost no upfront deposit, no fit-out costs and no dilapidation costs. Many rented serviced office spaces offer all-inclusive monthly payment options, easing the allocation of extra budgeting on IT and telecom packages and other extra amenities. As costs and demand for high-quality IT provisions have gone up, this is a great way to share and cut costs across the company.
  • Ease of expansion or reduction – Companies can easily, quickly and flexibly expand or cut down on office space at a serviced and rented location. Money won’t be wasted on idle space, and you can choose to expand without changing your business address.
  • Business support – Fully-serviced business centres usually provide staffed reception and admin support, offering secretarial services as well as onsite meeting and day office facilities available on demand when you need a little extra support. That’s one less thing for your business to manage on a day-to-day basis.
  • Professional image – You can always be assured that both the exteriors and interiors of the business centre at a rental space are maintained to a high standard. This will help your business project a professional image at all times. All interior cleaning is taken care of within the rental workstation price, and this allows you to provide a clean and hygienic workplace for those working in shifts as well. If a batch of your employees leaves the day office for night-shifters to come, cleaning and maintenance are usually taken care of at a rented office space.

Disadvantages of renting a serviced office space

If you’re a brand new start-up with a unique proposition trying to make your own name in the market then you’ll want to get your special name out there and increase your visibility in your own way. This usually starts by establishing a unique working space, most likely with your own branding throughout the office space. 

Just getting your logo designed can cost you anything between £50 and £30,000 so it makes sense that you’d want everyone to see it clearly. At a rented serviced office space there is not much freedom at a rented office space when it comes to decorating and leaving your mark on the walls and desks, but many companies do find small ways around this as with any rented space. 

A few other cons of going with a serviced office for rent include:

  • Can be expensive in the long term – Although the prices of serviced offices can save money in the short to medium term, serviced office spaces can prove expensive when renting in the long term.
  • Uniform offices – As mentioned above, you will most likely have to do with the decor, furniture and paint colours provided without being able to customise it to your brand’s guidelines and needs.
  • Branding – Some serviced centres come fully branded with their own signage making it obvious that companies are residing in a shared, rented business centre. This could get a bit confusing for your customers and clients, but nothing you can’t solve with clear messaging and instructions on your website and social media. 
  • Crowded spaces – From sharing parking spaces to communal kitchens and washrooms, it could start to get crowded in serviced office rental spaces.

Rent a serviced office space near you

Whether you require a fully-equipped conference room or training room, our meeting spaces and office spaces are located in professional business centres all across the country.

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Search Easy Offices for rental office spaces that provide a wide range of facilities. With the Internet and utilities already set up and countless configurations available, there is a workspace out there ready for you to move in and make your own.

To find out more, give our sales team a call on 020 3944 7322, and we will help you find the best serviced offices that can benefit and grow your company.

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  1. Serviced Offices Manchester

    The disadvantage of it being expensive in the long term is a debatable one.

    The costs really have to be put into context – you may well pay a small premium but surely this is worth paying to fix yearly costs and retain flexibility, which are both advantages to save you money in the long term!

    For example, a client who has been in serviced offices 4 years still has the option to downsize or leave if things aren’t going so well in year 5. In traditional leases, this option wouldn’t be available so would potentially cost more over 5 years!

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