Serviced Offices: Top Ten Tips You Need to Know

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Serviced offices have become synonymous with startups and small businesses over the years, but more and more large companies are now flocking to this type of office thanks to the many benefits they provide. As such, there are now over 3,900 serviced office buildings in the UK alone.

But no matter what type of business you are, choosing an office space isn’t always easy. There is a huge amount of choice available today, making your search that little bit more difficult – unless you know how to narrow down your search.

In this guide, we’ll discuss our top ten tips for finding your ideal serviced office space. 

  1. Location, Location, Location

Location is everything when it comes to choosing your ideal office space. You may have fallen in love with an office in the middle of nowhere, but if your clients, employees and suppliers have problems locating you, then it may not be the best place for your business.

When choosing a location, it’s important to be as specific as possible throughout the search process. Pinpointing a particular postcode or locale can help you narrow down your search, enabling you to find the right office space much more quickly. 

To help you establish your ideal location, start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is it located close to your clients? 

Central city locations are often close to fantastic transport links for your clients and employees, helping you ensure their journey to you is as simple as possible.

  • Is the neighbourhood safe? 

Your employees and visitors will need to feel safe when visiting your offices, and it’s vital for your business image that the area has a good reputation. 

  1.  Timescales

Before you settle on a serviced office that meets your location needs, you need to establish timescales and whether the ‘move-in date’ works with any other arrangements you have in place. For example, if you’re moving from an existing serviced building, can your new office space accommodate your exit date?

It’s extremely important to establish what your timescales are likely to be from the beginning so you can research properties that are available when you’re ready to move. If you’re working with an office broker, ensure they are aware of your timescales so they can find out which current leases will be coming to an end in the building you’re looking to move to. 

  1.  Terms

Regardless of whether you are looking for small or large office space, you should ideally look for a package that can be tailored to suit your needs. Many offices now offer flexible terms to accommodate all types of businesses.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that flexible terms can also have an implication on price. Often, the longer the term, the lower the price you’ll pay, but this isn’t always ideal if you’re planning on moving again soon. It’s worth considering whether a longer-term contract would be suitable to help you get a lower price.

  1.  Size

Serviced offices are usually quoted on a ‘per workstation basis’ so you can estimate how much the office may cost based on staff numbers. This is particularly beneficial if you don’t know exactly how much space you’ll need in terms of square feet (Sq Ft). 

When taking a serviced office solution, you’ll likely be paying for a lot less space than if you were taking out a conventional lease. For serviced offices, you only need to calculate the actual space you’re going to work in because other amenities like meeting rooms, reception areas, kitchens and toilets are often included in your monthly fee.

  1.  Office Style & Environment

It’s no secret that one of the most important aspects of business is image, both for impressing clients and ensuring your employees work in a space they want to be in. A study by Harvard Business Review found that air quality, comfortable lighting, water quality and comfortable temperatures were higher on the agenda for workers than tech-based health tools or facilities. 

It’s therefore really important to get these basics right and ensure your office style meets both your employee needs and business image requirements. For example, if you’re a modern company with a contemporary vision, a chic office with state-of-the-art technology and plenty of natural light might be better suited than a historic period building.

The more specific you are in regards to office style, the quicker you will be able to shortlist suitable properties. Office style can also have a big influence on price, so it’s important to think about your priorities and whether image comes ahead of other factors.

  1.  IT & Telecoms

The internet, emails and telephone communications are the lifeblood of most companies today, so it’s important to consider your business usage of these services when looking at office space. 

Most serviced offices include high-speed WiFi as part of your standard package and monthly fee. However, it’s always best to check what speeds this includes, especially if you anticipate heavy usage and therefore may require more complex or advanced connectivity.

  1.  Facilities

In addition to standard facilities like kitchens and toilets etc., it’s worth thinking about what other facilities your business needs or would like to have. For example, some office spaces include access to an on-site gym, bookable meeting rooms, call forwarding facilities and mail handling. 

You should consider the needs of your employees too. Research has shown that 87% of workers would like their employer to offer healthier workspace benefits like wellness rooms, sit-stand desks and ergonomic seating. 

While it might not be a requirement for you and your employees right now, you should always consider renting a serviced office that caters to the needs of visitors and employees with disabilities. This not only shows the office supplier is reputable and has an understanding of inclusivity but also ensures your business reputation is not damaged by unsuitable facilities. 

  1.  Expansion

When searching for a serviced office, it’s tempting to only consider the needs of your business in its current form. But to make the most of your chosen office space and your budget, it’s worth thinking about your future business plans too.

Serviced offices can be an ideal solution for growing businesses, as well as companies that aren’t quite sure of the direction they’re headed in, thanks to flexible terms offering agreements from just three months plus. Flexibility is the norm with serviced offices, and many contracts enable you to increase the size of the space you occupy at specific dates in your term. 

  1.  Price

Traditional leased offices are usually charged on a ‘per square foot’ basis, while serviced offices are priced per workstation. This pricing structure considers many variables, including rent, rates, service charges, furniture, IT and maintenance, enabling the provider to offer an inclusive cost for each workstation they supply. It can also work out much cheaper for you if you ensure you only pay for the space required.

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  1. Communication

When searching for the perfect office space, clear communication with the office provider is key. By providing plenty of information about the ideal office space you are looking for, the better your contact will be able to provide recommendations.

Likewise, it’s important to choose an office space provider that communicates with you from the outset, offering advice and recommendations without you needing to chase them. You’ll also want to work with someone that you feel comfortable negotiating with, as there are many good deals to be had when locating your new office and ensuring it provides everything you need. 

Choosing a serviced office

Whether you’re looking for your first office, moving out into a bigger space or are expanding your business in a new location, there are many office space options available to you. By considering our top ten tips, you can ensure you get the most out of your search and find a suitable workplace that meets all your needs.
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