What are the Benefits of Shared Office Space?

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Coworking spaces, shared workspace, hot desks – whatever you choose to call them, they’re working, and here to stay. Whether you share a floor with other companies or rent an office space for a few hours a day, whether you hop from one coworking space to another all over the city or choose to hot desk at different offices in your area, shared spaces are ideal for digital nomads and traditional 9-5ers alike.

These shared work environments have gained popularity all across the world, in cities and smaller towns as well, because of the efficiency with which resources can be shared and the ease with which new businesses can start operating. In this guide, we’ll look at even more benefits and advantages of coworking spaces that would aid businesses of any size.

What is a shared working space?

A shared workspace is an office or any area from which people can work. These can be self-employed individuals or individuals employed by different businesses. The only thing in common between them is that they are all professionals sitting together doing their own work. Many shared workspaces will allow people to share equipment, concepts, projects, and knowledge with everyone present.

Many companies look for cheap shared office space that they can rent out for their employees or teams to use for various stretches of time. Demand for this is growing quickly, and the market share for flexible commercial real estate is forecasted to reach 30% by 2030. Some companies will rent a shared space only for elements of a collaborative project to be completed, while others enjoy the collaborative environment of these places for the long term. 

Benefits of a shared office space

While coworking spaces and shared offices are ideal for start-ups and growing businesses, shared workspaces also provide many benefits to established companies as well. Some advantages of coworking spaces near you include: 

  • The element of community. Coworking office spaces are great for freelance workers who prefer not to work from home, need a change from their daily environment, or looking for inspiration. Many are like communities where you and other freelancers or startup entrepreneurs can work in a collaborative workspace and environment. 
  • Availability of amenities. Many shared offices have private offices, IT infrastructure and meeting rooms that might otherwise be too expensive or inaccessible to individuals and small companies. Large companies can also use these for a change in the work environment or one-off projects.
  • Sharing of facilities. Other communal facilities that shared office spaces would give individuals access to include clean kitchens, storerooms, pantries and bathrooms that are managed by a third party and that you won’t have to worry about maintaining. 
  • Opportunity to network. 80% of professionals believe that networking is essential for success in their professional lives. Putting yourself out there and working out a new environment with other like-minded people in a coworking space gives you exposure to new ideas and allows you to meet diverse people you might otherwise not have access to.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Whether you work independently or run a large company, sticking to your budget is always a concern. With a shared office or coworking space, you will not have to worry about spending on furniture, water and electricity, cleaning and any other extra overheads that come with managing a property. 
  • Flexibility. Many coworking spaces across big cities are accessible 24/7. Those  needing a break from loud families or who require access to amenities even during the earliest hours of the morning can benefit from these spaces. Many workers also find that by escaping to another space, they can switch on a “work mode” that can increase productivity, and they can do so on their own terms.

Find or rent a shared coworking space near you

Shared office spaces and collaborative workspaces are a fantastic way to save money, forge relationships with like-minded people and grow your business. Whether it is a break room in your corporate office, or a shared coworking space in a cafe, a well-designed and a collaborative work environment are key to churning out higher levels of thriving individuals. People who work out of shared spaces have substantial autonomy and bring their own sense of personality to their work. 

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If you want an office space without the long-term commitment of renting one yourself, then a shared office space could be the perfect solution for you. Browse our collection of coworking office spaces in your area or reach out to our team to find the ideal one for your needs.

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