Thames Valley Venus Business Awards 2017

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Last month, research revealed that the gender pay gap in academia was not set to close for another 40 years.On 1 June, autonomous car pioneer Tesla dismissed  a female employee who had previously made allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace. On 6 June, ride-hailing platform Uber announced that it would be firing more than 20 employees as a result of an internal investigation into harassment claims.


It seems that every day brings more difficult news for women in the workplace. In such difficult times, all sectors of society need to work together to address the underlying issues and work towards equality. However, we also need to take the time to celebrate achievement.

The Thames Valley Venus Awards, also known as ‘the working women’s Oscars’, aim to celebrate women in the local area who have gone above and beyond, setting new standards for what those who follow them can achieve.

These local awards ensure it’s not only those who make the front pages that deserve recognition for their hard work, dedication and achievements; every single day, women across all industries are making strides in management, entrepreneurship, science and technology.  The winners of the awards will be announced on 9 June at Reading’s Madejski Stadium. In anticipation of the exciting announcement, we take a look at the finalists in some of the key categories.


Manager category

Sam Bramwell – Microsoft UK

A strong advocate for women in leadership positions in the tech sector, Sam Bramwell is Microsoft UK’s Chief Operating Officer for its public sector business.


Dorothy Dix – Creating Better Futures

Dorothy Dix studied at Reading University before founding Creating Better Futures, a Christian-led charity helping to support education initiatives for children in Zimbabwe.


Christine Clancy – Microsoft UK

A passionate volunteer, Christine Clancy dedicates her free time to boosting inclusion and diversity among people of all ages and backgrounds. She’s a Senior Business Programme Manager at Microsoft’s global learning programme.


Small Business category

Hannah Goldsmith – Goldsmith Financial Solutions

Entrepreneur and bestselling author Hannah Goldsmith is focused on helping her clients to break the shackles of the traditional financial services industry, take control of their finances, and retire early.


Louise Bowers – PurpleFox Marketing

An expert in visionary, strategic and tactical marketing with over 20 years’ experience, Louise Bowers launched PurpleFox in 2010 to share her unique knowledge with clients across a range of industries.


Louise Chandler – Soundbite Media

With more than 15 years’ experience in the media sector, Louise Chandler has worked for the BBC, commercial radio stations and various newspapers. She founded Soundbite Media to help clients communicate and promote their work and brand image.


How to enter

If you’ve been inspired by the leaders and visionaries recognised this year, it couldn’t be easier to apply yourself, or nominate someone you know or have been inspired by, for the 2018 Thames Valley Venus Awards. Simply visit the awards website and sign up to the newsletter. When nominations open for next year’s awards, you’ll receive an email with all the information you need.


Whether you’re entering for yourself or nominating someone else, remember – your application should clearly state your role, your achievements and why you/your nominee deserves recognition in the category specified. Think carefully about the categories available and choose the most applicable one to maximise your chances. If you’re an entrepreneur, for example, consider the Small Business category. If your focus is more on social enterprise and charity work, consider the Influential Women category instead. Whichever category you choose, we wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you at next year’s ceremony!

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