Who pays for your Lunch?

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When you peer inside your lunch box are you left feeling somewhat deflated? Are you concerned that the limp sandwich staring back at you won’t be enough to sustain you or last night’s left overs won’t taste any better the next day? If you do venture out into the high street are the options any more promising or appealing, clearly I’m not referring to a ~3 meal deal or some deep fried calorific delight! It may seem extreme but perhaps you should consider moving jobs, actually why stop there, consider moving country whilst you’re at it – the companies in Silicon Valley offer free lunches and much, much more!

The food, toys and playthings on offer at some of the biggest Tech Companies have long been the stuff of legend but it seems that it might all be coming to a rather disappointing end, or to be precise it will be unless the previously fortunate employees are willing to be taxed on it! That great killjoy, the American Internal Revenue Service is taking a particular interest in exactly what staff receive and more importantly for them is the fact that most of it is completely free.

You might think, reading this blog post that a few latte’s here and there and a pack of jammy dodgers is hardly going to change the U.S. deficit and you’re probably right but have a look at exactly what some of the Tech Companies in Silicon Valley offer their staff:

• Slides ( like you see in a children’s park! )
• Yoga Studios
• ~1300 holiday budget
• Massages and haircuts
• Free Beer and Whisky Friday happy hours
• Free Laundry Service
• Canteens serving Sushi, Mussels and Oysters
• Chocolate Fondue
• Ice Cream Freezer

It’s enough to make you weep but just make sure you close your lunchbox before you do as otherwise that sandwich will be completely inedible if it wasn’t before! On a brighter side perhaps your employer cancelled plans for that onsite cafĂ© serving sake-braised short ribs, teriyaki seitan and tempura yams as Facebook reported on its own page this week as it was concerned at the tax bill it’s employees might face?

Here at Easy Offices we’re hoping to get a Nespresso Coffee Machine for the office, but having just calculated it will add a ~25 tax bill to each member of staff means that it might be some time in coming. The onsite Fireman’s slide, mood room with live jazz band and cabaret act has been indefinitely cancelled I’m afraid to say.

How about your offices, is the sushi restaurant still open or are you too, concerned about the tax implications?

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