Virtual Offices Becoming Lucrative Industry Thanks to Home Workers

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Virtual Offices are increasing in demand during the recession.  That’s according to leading Virtual Office operator Da Vinci which is now turning over a massive ~3.7m a year thanks, in part, to an increasing trend towards home working during the downturn.


Virtual Offices are flourishing as a cost saving solution at a time when a tough economy is dominating business decisions.  Tenants are looking to reduce overheads by cutting physical office space down to the bare bone and larger corporations are asking employees to work from home more and more.  And, with the economy showing no signs of a fast recovery, the current trend towards home working looks set to become the norm rather than the exception.


In an article that recently appeared in commercial property and retail magazine Property Week the vision of Bill Grodnik, Chief Executive of Da Vinci, seemed obvious and even plausible; if properly developed virtual sales and marketing has the potential to challenge, if not replace, the need for physical office space.


While the Virtual Office is not a new concept, advances in technology are promising to enhance the service to produce more than a basic answering phone and mail handling facility.  Property Week reported that “digital voicemail, voicemail to email, fax to email and voice recognition“ capabilities are some of those that we can expect from the Virtual Office in the future. 


With salaries accounting for the biggest expenditure of any business, Virtual receptionist facilities are also expected to see advances.  “Virtual“ staff will be fully trained with a specific understanding of the client’s business needs and activities.  Services including diary management, client calling and decision making may be introduced to improve business support facilities and cut out the costs of employing a “real life“ secretary or PA.


The future of the Virtual Office looks bright.  The combination of technological improvements together with the introduction of a tailored “virtual“ clerical team could see the service evolve from what is essentially a high-class address facility into a fully functional, business support system.  Many start ups and small businesses are already on board with the Virtual Office concept as a cost saving alternative to physical office space and Da Vinci is forecasting that the industry will soon see more interest from large corporations with bulk enquiries already coming in.


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Source: Property Week


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5 thoughts on “Virtual Offices Becoming Lucrative Industry Thanks to Home Workers”

  1. Virtual offices are getting more and more popular in this world of cost cutting efforts and internet capitalizations. What was once considered integral in a company’s business strata now is a bane to business because of their high costs and restrictive contracts. Many have turned to virtual offices for their office solutions as they pay only as much as they use.I think for small business owners these offices are like dream comes true. I am also running a small business and after renting office provided by valleyhq I am very satisfied and feel like I am able to increase my business now.

  2. I’m starting up a new company soon. Should I register a virtual office or should I go ahead with renting a small space first? What are your thoughts?

  3. Hi Jeff, Obviously the major advantage of a virtual office is that your costs will be significantly less than renting physical office space so if you cannot afford to rent an office it may be a good alternative for you. However you will need a permanent work space and working with all the distractions at home is often far from ideal. Really the decision lies on a combination of budget together with how you think you/your staff will best be suited to work on a day to day basis. At the moment the serviced office market is seeing major price drops and some great deals across the board so renting physical office space may not be as expensive as you think. Give us a call on 0800 085 5050 and one our experienced sales advisors will be able to give you advice on the best deals available near you!

  4. Nice blog about the virtual office. Yes, Virtual office and its services are becoming more popular among the business people especially among the small business people. I am also using the virtual office services from one of the best virtual office provider They are providing all the benefits, fully staffed office and it’s very affordable…

  5. Choosing a Virtual Office is a pretty major decision in any business. Your Virtual Office is going to be the face of your business so it’s important to get exactly what you need right from the beginning. The choice on offer can get confusing, overwhelming even, and before you know it, you could be buying 40 hours of meeting room time a month of which you may only use a couple?

    So, what do you actually need from your Virtual Office?

    The first thing you should check is your business card. What do you want on that? The perfect business address, one which will help you attract customers is a given. Next, the business telephone number. Your Virtual Office provider should be able to offer you a local telephone number which matches the business address with a Virtual Receptionist to answer and forward your calls or take messages as you’ve instructed.

    Remember a Virtual Office is all about perception, so if you have a business address in Oxford it would look a bit strange having a Birmingham based telephone number next to it! A personal desk number always looks good on a business card too, especially if it is contiguous from the main business number, this will give your company a great corporate image.

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