Working Remotely Has Many Benefits, but …

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Long daily commutes, phones constantly ringing and annoying colleagues.



Working in an office can have many downsides but also has many advantages, here are just a few;


Bouncing ideas around the room is much more productive if there is more than one person throwing opinions into the ring. You are much more likely to discuss ideas whilst making a coffee with a colleague than by emailing them.


As well as not being able to discuss work matters in person, you also have to contend with spending your working day all alone. Now for some this may be an advantage but generally humans like to have the company of others and being at work is no different.

Home / Work Separation

When you leave the office at 5pm, you have left work. If you work from home, you are always at work. How do you manage to separate the two? Do you have the luxury of a home office or do you have to work from the dining table? What happens during the school holidays? Are your family constantly getting under your feet or are you banished to a shed in the garden?


Do you have the motivation to work if no one is around? Is the attraction of staying in bed for a bit longer, even if you make it up later, too strong and what about daytime TV? Does the lure of Jeremy Kyle mean you have to stop working on spreadsheets in order to concentrate on family feuds? Thankfully when you are in the company of others these temptations don’t feature.


Getting the balance right between working from an office, home working and working in the field can be a tricky balance to reach but can be worthwhile in order to maximise productivity. Ultimately if your employees are happy, then you will get more out of them which benefits everyone.

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