The Best Areas In London For An Office Space, By Industry

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Like any city, each corner of London has a distinct personality that we all know and love it. Hipster haven Hackney is a go-to for creative types who enjoy artisan coffee and rustic art galleries, whereas luxury lovers will head straight for Knightsbridge to enjoy designer shopping and swanky cafes. 

There is a wide range of industries in London and setting up your office space in the right area is such an important factor, since you want to find a location that effectively represents your brand. With each area building up a reputation for specific industries, it can be tricky to figure out which spot is best for your business. 

We’re here to help you find the best office space for your business and elevate your property strategy. Let’s dive in.

What are the main industries in London?

It’s thrilling to see the wide range of industries in London and how they all blend together in this buzzing city. Certain areas have really begun to build a charm and community through their individuality and established themselves as the home of that industry. Here are some of the main industries in London:

  • Finance and banking
  • Insurance and legal
  • Technology and fintech  
  • Creative arts and design
  • Media, marketing and advertising
  • Hospitality and tourism

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Well-known: City of London

The City of London is an iconic location associated with finance, broking, insurance and legal services. Though The City has a longstanding history in a wide range of financial services, Canary Wharf remains the top spot as an established banking district. Located in the heart of the hustle and bustle, these are both excellent locations to find an array of classy restaurants and bars perfect for client meetings.

A great alternative: Camden

Camden may not be as well established as a financial district but if Canary Wharf chaos isn’t for you, try an office space in North London. Office rent is much more affordable than in central London but still as well-connected so your financial-based business can continue to thrive. Centred around the iconic Camden Market, here lies a system of interconnected buildings and communities designed to facilitate new connections and take your business to the next level.

Working in finance in London

Employment figures for London financial sector: 751,000


Well known: Old Street

Thanks to the growing cluster of technology companies based on Old Street, it quickly became known as Silicon Roundabout. Fintech startups like Starling and Monzo were residents in Old Street before the number of tech businesses expanded and now stretch across East London to create Tech City. With a range of edgy bars, cool coffee shops and characteristic street art, Old Street is a great location to keep tech companies inspired. 

A great alternative: Croydon

This unexpected tech hub is now dubbed ‘The Silicon Valley of South London’ thanks to the growing number of tech companies. Croydon is now home to over 1,000 digital, creative and tech businesses after significant regeneration over the past decade has led to more opportunities opening up. With a strong transport infrastructure, Croydon Tech City is taking off and becoming the top tech spot. 

Working in tech in London

Employment figures for the financial sector: 900,000

Creative Industries

Well known: Soho

The part of London which is home to advertising and media, what better place for any creative business to set up than the buzzing streets of Soho? The energetic West End is home to a fantastic variety of dining, nightlife, and shopping options making it a fun place for anyone in marketing, media, advertising and design to call their home. Office space in Soho will allow your business to thrive and your employees to remain inspired and innovative. 

A great alternative: Clerkenwell

Well-connected and lively, Clerkenwell is a great central location for your creative business. Brimming with design, branding and creative agencies, it’s a perfect place to network and build connections. Home to Clerkenwell Design Week thanks to its creative flair, you’ll find plenty of spots to enjoy team-building with your colleagues that will keep them motivated and inspired.

Working as a Creative in London

Employment figures for the financial sector: 882,900


Well known: Shoreditch

Startups and freelancers revel in the creativity and quirky energy that Shoreditch has to offer. Office space in Shoreditch is sure to boost your team spirit with the buzzing streets offering a variety of restaurants, bars and fun things to do to help grow team relationships. Be surrounded by a range of other businesses to learn from and network with. Well connected and based in East Central London, Shoreditch is a perfect option to get startups running.

A great alternative: anywhere

The best thing about freelancing or launching a startup is that it’s fully up to you. You have the freedom to explore which area resonates with your business. For freelancers, hot desking is a great way to explore different parts of the city, since you’re not tied down to one building. Startups should still consider which areas will be productive and advantageous for them but have a browse online and explore a wide range of office space in London now.

Startups in London

How many startups registered in London: 221,373

Finding the right office space can be a challenge. Our experts are on hand to provide guidance and knowledge on how our flexible office space plans work. Get in touch to find out more.

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