10 Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following

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With thousands of tweets flying around cyberspace every minute of the day, you can sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you are bombarded with, relevant or otherwise.

However, if you are following the right people, Twitter can offer a wealth of information, with expert business advice, inspirational thought from the world’s leading entrepreneurs and updates on your competitors instantly available for free.

To ensure that you are making the most of your time on Twitter, we’ve compiled 10 of biggest and best entrepreneurs to provide you with tips and tricks that may change the way you think and how you operate your business on a day to day basis.

1. Richard Branson- Virgin Group @richardbranson

Richard Branson  richardbranson  on Twitter





Who better to start of the list than with Virgin Group founder and face of entrepreneurship himself, Richard Branson. Richard shares entrepreneurial advice and a must see reading list with articles he’s approved. Look out for #readbyrichard

2. Richard Reed- Innocent Drinks @richardreedinno

richard reed  richardreedinno  on Twitter





Co founder of Innocent Drinks and Art Everywhere, Richard is passionate about Innocent’s story, entrepreneurship and inspiring others to take a leap of faith to start their own business.

3. Michael Acton Smith- Moshi Monsters @acton

Michael Acton Smith  acton  on Twitter





Busy bee Michael Acton Smith has either co-founded or founded over seven successful companies including Moshi Monsters and Firebox- you are bound to learn something from his tweets.

4. Paul Lindley- Ella’s Kitchen @paul_lindley

Paul Lindley  Paul_Lindley  on Twitter





Tweets from founder and CEO of Ella’s Kitchen and Earth’s Best, brands which aim to improve children’s health, will add some fun filled, young at heart inspiration into your day.

5. Will King- King of Shaves @kingofshaves

Will  King of Shaves  KingofShaves  on Twitter





From the founder of King of Shaves you will discover the musings of a man behind a brand. Will is present at a lot of high profile events- so you’ll find out the details here first. Obviously does his thing for charity too.

6. Caterina Fake- Flickr @caterina

Caterina Fake  Caterina  on Twitter




Flickr co founder shares interesting articles for small businesses and is a lady on the pulse for the latest happenings in the tech world. Upbeat and interesting.

7. Evan Williams- Twitter @ev

Evan Williams  ev  on Twitter




Hear it from the horse’s mouth. Twitter co-founder Evan Williams shares highly relevant and engaging content pieces and also shows support for up and coming businesses.

8. Rupert Murdoch- News Corp @rupertmurdoch

Rupert Murdoch  rupertmurdoch  on Twitter





In true newsroom style, Rupert’s Twitter account broadcasts regular, honest and opinionated comment on current affairs and topics you should be aware of. Not big on engagement.

9. Dwain Reid- Serial Entrepreneur @DwainReid

Dwain Reid  DwainReid  on Twitter



This up and coming young entrepreneur keeps business advice and enterprise enthusiasm coming on a regular basis. Prepare to think big.

10. Oli Barrett- StartUp Britain @olibarrett

Oli Barrett  OliBarrett  on Twitter





Co-founder of Cospa, Tenner, StartUp Britain has built a world of Twitter contacts that have generated useful business contacts for him offline, watch him interact and share his expertise.

These ten contacts will make your Twitter feed a more productive and positive place to be, leaving you well informed and ready to tackle your to do list. Who is your favourite entrepreneurial Tweeter?

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